Capper Reviews Fat Caper Tony

Capper Reviews Fat Caper Tony

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Fat privateer - the project offers one hundred percent earnings on profitable sports betting. True forecasts and other tips from experts will help you get rich quick and forget about money problems.

General information
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• technical support: in telegrams

Project description

When you click on the official link, Bold Kaper offers to follow the link to register in Telegram. The project was created by professionals who are versed in sports forecasts, able to give practical advice for getting a serious win.

Cooperation with the project will help you become professional bettors. The developer of the project calls himself Fat Tony, who has experience in the betting industry.

Tony promises to achieve 100% performance and maximum enrichment with minimal knowledge of the sport. The project is easy to use. You should replenish your account in a timely manner and use Tony's tips.

There are no terms of the user agreement, Fat Tony does not guarantee legal security. The developer offers to trust the analyst.

Numerous player reviews say that the current number of project users is increasing at a frantic pace. Whether to trust Fat Tony is up to you.

Capper Reviews Fat Caper Tony

The technical part of the Fat Caper project

To earn money in the Fat Caper project, you need to download the telegram application and follow the link indicated by the developers. Next, Fat Tony offers to subscribe to the VIP chat.

The subscription fee is charged one time. The subscription price is 5000 rubles. Users will not have to pay more and incur other monetary costs.

Forecasts are published 5-7 times a day. According to Tony they are all true. You can verify this in your own practice. Forecasts are provided for 3 sports: football, hockey and basketball.

Analytics are provided for different leagues. After the official registration in the chat, users are informed about the existence of a client agreement. 

Tony emphasizes that the requirements and conditions of the document may change. For these reasons, the document should be read and monitored on a regular basis. Any slip can increase risks and minimize profits.

Important! Fat Tony is the owner of the telegram chat. Any links to social networks like VK or OK are false. When using them, players will cooperate with rogues.

Capper Reviews Fat Caper Tony

The essence of divorce in the project

A review of the project by experts proved a scam on Tony's part. The Fat Forecaster created a dubious site to further his own fraudulent goals.

Tony does not give guarantees of winning when providing forecasts, thereby hedging himself. Fat Caper Project does not provide legal or contact information.

You can communicate with forecasters and analysts exclusively through telegrams. At the same time, it is possible that the creator of the project can block the participant at the most inopportune moment.

The cost of registration in the chat is subject to change. Most recently it cost 3000 rubles. It is not known for what reasons Tony decided to raise it by 2000 rubles. At the same time, the number of naive suckers has not decreased.

Nobody cares about Tony's lack of legal protection and illegal activities. Troubles and claims arise after the lack of effectiveness.

By forcing newbies to subscribe, Fat Caper deceives users on false forecasts. At the same time, Tony earns serious money on the affiliate program of bookmakers.

The more suckers he registers in the chat, the more his earnings. The problems of the players do not interest him. Experts are sure of a scam. It is recommended to forget about Tony's proposals.

Capper Reviews Fat Caper Tony

Reviews about the Fat Caper project

The main comments about Fat Caper are negative. The received forecasts do not live up to expectations. Tony cheats players at the very beginning of cooperation. It is impossible to win back the invested 5000 rubles in the project. Claims are not accepted, persistent players are blocked without the right to recovery.


Project FAT Caper is a scam chat created by a crook for his own enrichment. Pros recommend forgetting about cooperation with illegal immigrants. This will lead to frustration and loss of money.

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