Reviews about forex broker MB Trading

Reviews about forex broker MB Trading

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Carefully! MB Trading is suspected of fraud!

Exchange traders often use official registration and licensing as a bait so that clients completely trust them, make large deposits, and then lose everything. Resellers often get licensed by trying to create the illusion of transparent work at the beginning of the journey, in order to later successfully rob clients under the pretext of trading on Forex and access to stock markets.

A striking example of just such a broker is an office called MB Trading, and although it closed a long time ago and was then absorbed by another company, there are still a lot of negative reviews about the dealing center on the network. Negative reviews from netizens confidently say that the company was engaged in robbery, hiding behind official work, it quickly collected a record high investment and stopped operating, which is a typical course of action for crooks. At MB Trading, they never even thought that it was possible to serve clients transparently, because the main goal of the office was brazen robbery.

Broker MB Trading: basic information about the company and its trading conditions

At the time of writing this article, the dealing center in question does not actively provide services, and there is no access to its official resource, so the review had to be carried out using data from external sources. Monitoring information about MB Trading on the network allowed us to find out that the exchange trader in question was an American firm founded back in 1999. The company was located at GAIN Capital Group, ATTN: Ally Invest Forex, Bedminster One, 135 Route 202/206 Suite 11, Bedminster, NJ 07921, it is also worth noting here that the company cooperated with clients according to the UST standard and this should have eliminated the conflict interests of the stock trader with clients, but, as can be seen from the reviews, the miracle did not happen.

Reviews about forex broker MB Trading

MB Trading actively promoted trading on popular American stock markets; the corporation did not start active work immediately after its foundation, but only in 2003. The company offered users to start with a deposit amount of $400, which turned out to be too high for many, as emphasized in the reviews, but the minimum spread was set at 0.5 and, this is not so much.

The MB Trading broker offered traders a choice of a couple of terminals in different modifications, which allowed them to use the platforms in the browser version, on desktop computers or laptops, as well as mobile devices. Among the terminals available on the official resource of the company, users could find MetaTrader4, MBT Descop Pro, MBT LightWave, and also MBT Web. The exchange trader MB Trading did not present training accounts, users were offered to immediately switch to real trading.

Reviews about forex broker MB Trading

Users could work on MB Trading with micro lots, since the starting volume of the transaction was set at 0.1. To replenish the account and withdraw money, traders were allowed to use only credit cards and standard bank transfer options. As for investment programs, contests, bonus offers and an affiliate program, the dealing center was not ready to present these service options to traders.

The client audience was serviced by qualified employees, there were more than 120 of them. MB Trading broker set the minimum spreads, but the number of available trading instruments was expanded, but judging by the real user reviews, this did not help them achieve success in the financial markets, but rather became a bait, compelling to invest.

The company also guaranteed users that opening an account would not take much time, it would be comfortable, but this was another bait for MB Trading for users, allowing them to lure more funds. If you carefully read and study the reviews, you can understand that the main goal of the company was to rub into the trust of customers, with the aim of further robbing them, which the office successfully implemented in the shortest possible time, and then simply reeled in the fishing rods, having ceased to get in touch with the deceived traders.

Why are the reviews about MB Trading bad and why do they continue to be written even after the closure of the company?

If you carefully read the reviews of real traders on the network about MB Trading, then you can say that the office did not have satisfied customers, since the company's activities were aimed at luring money and robbing customers. Having received a residence permit and a license, MB Trading decided that it was worth taking advantage of the trust of users by quickly collecting money from them, and then shutting down their shop, cutting off contacts with traders. Indeed, such a plan of a dishonest stock trader worked well, people invested a lot of money in the office, losing everything, and after the scam, the offices began to massively leave negative reviews on the network, but this did not help return the finances to traders.

Reviews about forex broker MB Trading

The main problematic moments in the work of the broker, which led clients to complete failure and loss of finances, are the following facts:

  • no payments were made to users, their requests for withdrawal remained unanswered;
  • the MB Trading broker greatly overestimated the commissions for traders, but at the beginning of the cooperation path he assured that they would be fixed and low;
  • the company deliberately slowed down the operation of the terminals when users had the opportunity to profitably close a deal, many traders actively complained about slippage;
  • MB Trading quickly and unexpectedly ceased operations after collecting money, the office was bought by another corporation, and it was useless for it to make financial claims;
  • the broker in question did not even think about fulfilling his duties, he led clients by the nose, hiding behind official documents, in order to successfully implement the plan of brazen robbery.

If you conduct a careful review of the reviews of real clients written on the network about MB Trading, you can emphasize that there are no positive opinions about the exchange trader, because he brazenly robbed customers by throwing large sums, users did not receive payments from this project.

Reviews about forex broker MB Trading

On MB Trading, one could only count on spending money for nothing, but nothing more, here they were clearly not going to pay clients, because the office was only interested in enriching itself at the expense of gullible network users who were ready to believe the promises of the golden mountains by giving away their finances. Despite the closure of the office, negative reviews about it did not stop appearing in the issuance of search engines, because the fraud of the stock trader was global and deprived many people without finances.

What can you tell about the official resource of the stock trader?

A detailed review of the stock trader in question made it clear that the work of MB Trading was fraudulent in all directions, respectively, traders suffered from the actions of this sharashka office. If we talk in more detail about the official website of this dealing center, then we can talk about it as follows:

Reviews about forex broker MB Trading

  • address in the worldwide network of the reseller's website -;
  • information about the launch time of the intermediary site - the resource began to function on August 30, 1997;
  • up-to-date information about the owner of the site - the resource has already changed its owner a couple of times, now Alli Financial Inc. is listed as its owner;
  • contacts for customer feedback - we managed to find the contact number of the exchange trader on the network 866-567-0295, there is also an e-mail [email protected]

If you carefully read the reviews of real traders, you can understand that the representatives of the office contacted them only for the sake of extorting funds, but when the traders wanted to return their funds or solve other problems, the representatives of the office simply ignored them.

MB Trading is a typical example of a kitchen stockbroker, interested only in collecting money from ordinary people.

MB Trading reviews - what do real netizens think?

If you carefully read the reviews of people cooperating with the office on different sites about MB Trading, you can understand that they failed to make money, because the office simply robbed traders and simply closed. This company existed for a relatively short time, but during this time, the MB Trading office collected the maximum amount of money from traders, and accordingly received only negative feedback from users.

Reviews about forex broker MB Trading

All reviews about MB Trading are negative, and in them users tell how the office threw them for money and divorced them, not even thinking of paying what they earned. Under the guise of official registration and licenses, MB Trading has successfully swindled many network users into large sums, so bad reviews about it do not disappear from search results even now. This company has become an example of the fact that even official registration does not always become an indicator of transparent work, and it is still better to listen to user reviews before registering a trading account and depositing your finances. Representatives of MB Trading brazenly cheated many people who entrusted them with finances, respectively, the reputation of the office on the network is extremely negative, because its deeds deserve honorable places on the black lists.

The more transparent dealing centers try to portray their work, showing working conditions only in a favorable light, the more likely it is that such offices will turn out to be typical deceivers who simply steal other people's money. Most resellers are typical scammers, which is a fact, so cooperation with such offices is not always successful.

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