AJB Money Magnet Broker Reviews - Can You Trust It?

AJB Money(ajb-mm.org) is a broker that provides a full range of high quality trading tools and is now actively inviting users to cooperate. And it doesn’t matter whether an experienced trader or a green beginner. The offer is certainly good. But what are the real reviews about AJB Money? And can you trust the broker? Today in the review we will analyze the project in great detail in detail. To really understand whether it is worth cooperating with him and whether it is possible to withdraw money from here. Given the fact that now advertising brokers can be found at every step. However, not every such project can be trusted. Many of them were created only to earn an admin and that's it. Let's figure it out.

Project legend

AJB Money Magnet is an international CFD trading company. We strive to provide access to licensed trading to traders from all over the world. Since the founding of our company in 2004, we have managed to turn a small broker for big capital into the largest trading and investment platform.

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In general, we have a company that was primarily created exclusively for traders. So that every client can get a decent and modern trade. The legend itself looks pretty good overall. And yes, you can really get along. Especially if you are a green beginner and have a very poor understanding of trading.

AJB Money Magnet Broker Reviews - Can You Trust It?

However, there is a lie in the legend. We are told that the company was founded in 2004. But this is not so at all. And the real age can be easily checked using the domain registration date. What else is 2004? If the project is not even two months old? But admins specifically age their project. T

only to look as solid as possible in the eyes of users. As for the site, here, of course, he was not particularly impressed. Because the site is quite template and it shows. There were no special financial investments in it. This is definitely not a site of a serious international broker that has been operating since 2004. Another template resource.

Contact details:
[email protected]
Feedback form

Project overview

AJB Money Magnet has quite a lot of contact details. There are several phone numbers, an email address and a feedback form. Except the phone numbers don't work, and the email address doesn't exist. It's just a set of letters. So the only way to contact the admins is fashionably only through the feedback form. However, you will need to provide all your details.

This is what admins are counting on. After all, they use all your data in their selfish integers. For example, flood your mail with a lot of spam. But consider the availability of legal data. We are shown the address: 137 Perry Road Nottingham Nottinghamshire NG5 1GNN. And the most interesting point is the disclaimer. The address doesn't even make sense.

Because he is simply brazenly stolen. There is no AJB Money Magnet broker at this address and never has been. The disclaimer states that if you lost your money here, it will only be your problem. And that you should invest here only the money that you are not afraid to lose. How do you like this statement?

AJB Money Magnet Broker Reviews - Can You Trust It?

Simply put, you can just lose your finances here, and the admins will tell you that they warned you about this. As for the license from the Central Bank of Russia, it is not here. So you can safely close the broker and not cooperate with him. Because you will not be able to withdraw your money from here. All withdrawal requests will simply be rejected by the admins.


Reviews of AJB Money Magnet have already begun to appear on the web. And of course they are sharply negative. In other matters, what should be the feedback on the project that is not responsible for the financial losses of users. These reviews confirm the fact that this project should be avoided and it is definitely impossible to cooperate with it.


AJB Money Magnet is not an international broker at all, which was created in 2004. A common dummy that can't be trusted. You can't make money trading here. Therefore, if you have already received an offer from the project, then in any case it should be ignored. Always check the real reviews about it on the network before working with the project. Warn your loved ones.

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