Review of LegionFX and full analysis

We continue to conduct research to explore online financial resources that promise users to make a profit in various ways. Today we will review the company LegionFX, which attracted our attention by the fact that reviews of LEGION FX on the official website of the company and on third-party resources vary greatly. If the reviews on the company's website are mostly positive, then in chats and on thematic forums, the comments contrast sharply. Users ask how to withdraw money from LEGION FX, and begin to suspect that the company simply appropriated other people's money for itself, refusing to fulfill its promised obligations. In particular, the broker refused to provide trading with a guaranteed profit in 100%. However, a 100% guarantee in itself is already an alarming bell: most likely, LEGION FX is a fraudulent resource that intentionally misleads users.

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Review of LegionFX and full analysis

LegionFX - a scam or a victim of unfair competition?

Of course, there is a possibility that the negative reviews about LEGIONFX are the activities of unscrupulous competitors, who are thereby trying to destroy a promising project at the very beginning of its journey. However, we found that the hero of our review is not so clean, and here's why:

  • After analyzing the trading platform, we came to a disappointing conclusion: the site was made up “on the knee”, the templates were standard.
  • The content on the site is third-rate. There are only calls to invest $100 and get $1000 tomorrow, embellished with typical marketing rhetoric.
  • The owners of the resource claim that the company has many years of experience, offering clients a variety of financial instruments, no additional commissions, zero spreads and other benefits. However, the domain is only a few months old.
  • Perhaps the previous points are explained by the fact that the project is still young, and the company intends to quickly expand its customer base. However, LEGIONFX cannot provide proof of accreditation with the CBR or any other major regulator. At the same time, the company claims that it has all the documents and licenses issued by regulatory authorities.
  • The "Contacts" section is almost empty. There is only a certain e-mail address and a dubious phone number. These are standard contacts for many fraudulent projects: serious brokers who care about their reputation always post all sorts of contact details, which are easy to break through one or another company.

So, Legion FX is indeed a scam resource. It is enough to check its legal address. We are not talking about an offshore zone, because every business seeks to avoid unnecessary taxes. The address itself exactly repeats the addresses of similar brokerage companies that we have already successfully exposed.

How does a broker throw clients?

Numerous reviews about LEGION FX describe in detail how another fraudulent project works. The company operates according to the standard scheme:

Resource administrators at the last stage simply block the profile of the unlucky user and take all the money for themselves.

Review of LegionFX and full analysis

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Negative reviews about LEGION FX have shown their complete truthfulness and objectivity. This is a fraudulent online service, which is another scam. LEGION FX is a third-rate scam project, the creators of which were too lazy to pay attention even to the quality of the site and the texts on it.

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How to withdraw money from Legion FX?

If you have been deceived in Legion FX, there is a chance to get back up to 100% of your amount by contacting our partners for help - specialists in the return of international payments from dubious projects - pseudo-brokers, financial pyramids and even casinos. Leave your details in the form below and you will be contacted to resolve the issue.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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