Onyx SCAM reviews withdraw money

Onyx SCAM reviews withdraw money

Onyx is a holding company widely known all over the world, at least according to its creators. He is engaged in real estate in the Australian market, and this type of activity allows you to combine several world popular areas at once (design, construction, online investment platform, department for renting various offices, as well as the creation and planning department). In order to continue to find out how much this project is praised by former clients on the market, what opportunities it provides to its voters, if there is a chance for successful cooperation with it, having found out all these points, we can at the end summing up the work of this project say whether it is worth it to contact him at all. We hope we didn't "confuse" you. Everything will become clear in the process of studying about his activities and the 1top.pro site will help us in this. There is always only the most relevant and useful information located, studying which each client will be able to make for himself the final, correct and only answer to invest in the office or better to bypass it, so as not to look for the guilty later.                                    

Onyx contacts

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Employees for communication with investors offer a channel where clients directly describe their request, which they need to solve. Also available e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You must have JavaScript enabled to view.. 


Website review onyxcompany.net

Before we introduce you to the advantages of the project, let's dwell on its history. For more than two years, the company has been active in the real estate industry, both residential and business, located in Australia. These are clients both individuals and organizations. Residential real estate is in great demand on the market, namely: apartments, communal apartments, as well as huge villas, one-story buildings designed as a cottage town. An equally important direction of the project is the sale and rental of space for cafes, restaurants, bars, where the people gather most of all, so to speak, crowded places, lively. Further, the project workers tell about the age, that he really started working on the market since 2010, and later in the year he gained popularity due to his personal working capital. A little later, studying the changes in the market, the authors of the office began to develop a program to attract investment from the corporate sector. Later, the project began to attract customers, opening up another opportunity for them in trade, namely online, to attract private traders. These are not all the limits that the authors of the company have reached, among them there are the following: they allegedly work hard and tirelessly on the market for 12 years, they managed to realize at least 2763 objects, built about 430,000 square meters of residential area, sold 1288 commercial buildings. April 4, 2022 is the date when the project announced itself on the market.                                         

 Onyx broker conditions 

Investment plans: 1 plan 2% for a month with a deposit from $100 to $1500, 2 plan 2,7% for three weeks with a deposit from $2,000 to $7,000, 3 plan 3,75% for 17 days from $70,000 to $150,000, 4 plan 164% for 8 days from $15,000 to $40,000, 5 plan 157% for 6 days from $400,000 to $700,000, 6 plan individual offer top-up $70,000, individual conditions $70,000. Affiliate program is planned, multi-level. In the personal account, all clients will be able to get acquainted with the link that they need to send to friends and share the benefits of the office with them. By attracting clients in this way, you are credited with a reward to your account, your invitees can also count on a reward (8%-4%-2%-1%).          

 Exposing Onyx

This section should start with negative content, namely complaints and Onyx reviews, which, although not so many, but they are all categorically against the fact that you joined their team. The project, apart from disappointment, does not lead to anything good. Nothing is said about the documents, as well as about its creators. This is how fraudulent projects work to a greater extent, do not let them intimidate you. It is clear that they quickly manage to hide with the loot, because no one controls their actions. All signs of fraud on the face, whatever one may say.      

How to withdraw money from Onyx

Company Onyx does not withdraw money. Here, none of the authors of the project is ready to meet you, everything is done against your will, driving you constantly into debt. Not only do they rob you to the skin, but they are not going to be responsible for their tricks, your carelessness is supposedly to blame. Therefore, in a difficult situation, we advise you to resort to the help of the 1top.pro website, which can “guide you on the right path”, avoid meetings with scammers.                           


As a result of such data about the company, we cannot recommend it to you, its reputation is too “spoiled”. Avoid meeting her. Company Onyx scam.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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