reviews, black broker or not? Honest review! reviews, black broker or not? Honest review!

When scammers have a good profit from their scam, but at the same time it is constantly blocked by supervisory authorities, they have to create new mirror domains in order to bypass the blocking. At the same time, they often also change the name of the office, forge certificates and even change the legend. This is done so that negative reviews on the Internet do not concern the new domain and make it harder to find them.

However, even such measures often do not help, because whistleblowers like me do not sleep and quickly realize that this site, although it has a different name, is completely identical in design and other things to another project that has already been exposed by them. This is how quickly the connection between the old project and the new one, created by the same scammers, is found. In this case, the reviews indicate the presence of mirrors and it becomes easier to find negative reviews in the search results. 

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Today I'm going to expose the project, which, according to several signs, is a new version of the same scam, reviews of which have been available on the Internet for a long time and they do not bode well. Moreover, I already wrote an exposing article on the old scammer domains with a different name, but an identical site. Well, it's time to do it again and show you the cheat and scam.

Solid lies here and there on the site, as well as a dubious office

As you already understood, is currently the current domain of this black broker. At the same time, it is not the first time that scammers transfer their divorce to a new domain and change the name. For example, earlier this scam was hosted on the and domains and had the corresponding names.

I have already written about them on my blog. If the old domain was created in 2020, then the new one is likely in 2022, but this cannot be verified due to the nature of the domain zone. However, this is not required, since it is already clear that the sites are completely identical and differ only in the name.


  • Not


  • Cheap site
  • No normal contacts
  • No company
  • No license
  • They do not withdraw money, drain accounts

The sites themselves look quite decent in design, but have layout problems, which indicates the low budget of scammers, or a strong unwillingness to invest normal finances in project development and hire a normal web developer. That is why the site leaves much to be desired and an experienced investor and trader will immediately understand that this is a scam. 

At the same time, the scammers also lie to everyone that there are 250 million transactions and there is a daily turnover of 131 million dollars. Since they are so cool and the office is clearly rich, why is the site so poor, and the platform traffic is low? It's simple, they lie to us and do not blush. From the amount of noodles, your ears are simply bent.

The company itself, apparently, does not have a normal legal name at all. That's what the information on the site is about. Fraudsters selflessly lie that there is a company here since 2016, but do not give any information about it at all. There is no registration number, no country of registration, no name, no user agreement and policies, nothing. In fact, if there is no data, then the company does not exist, and again they are throwing dust in our eyes.

Licenses for brokerage activities are also not observed on the site. It simply does not and cannot exist. They work illegally, and the logical result was that this domain, like the previous ones, was blacklisted by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation as fraudulent. After checking this statement, all questions disappear and we understand that this is a stupid scam and a scam.

Of the contacts here, one can note a strange phone number, a non-existent address already in Indonesia and a couple of postal addresses. Social networks were not brought here at all: 

  • Email: [email protected] and [email protected]
  • Address: Satrio Tower 16th, Jl. Dr Satrio Kuningan, Jakarta
  • Phone: (888)234-5686
  • Links to social networks are inactive

Such a set of contacts is insufficient and not reliable at all, which already indicates that this is not a company, but a sharashka office that you should not deal with. However, about how exactly the scammers will breed you, let's look further. 

The scammers lazily skipped the account information, but will steal the money anyway reviews, black broker or not? Honest review!

This platform was conceived as a brokerage house, where relevant trading services are provided in the cryptocurrency or financial markets. However, the scammers have organized and done everything so badly that it is impossible to find any information about spreads, accounts, swaps, leverage and so on on the site. That is, before you open an account, nothing will come out to find out. 

However, I can already easily guess what methods the scammers will use to steal your money. To begin with, they will call and write to you, doing brainwashing and inclination to the position of the account for a large amount and even taking a loan for this business. It is beneficial for scammers to immediately get a lot of money from you, since after replenishing your account, you, in fact, lose all this money. Then everything develops according to the standard scenario: 

  • You will be given a demo account, but they will say that it is normal. It will be problematic to check this and only experienced traders will be able to notice the difference. The fact is that crooks cannot give access to a normal market and make deals, but they can give a simulator and broadcast charts so that you think that everything is real here. Charts are taken from the aggregator, and the money on such an account is just virtual numbers. Fraudsters put real money in their pocket.
  • Then the task of scammers is to drain your account quickly and without fawn, so that you think that you yourself have merged and the market has decided. To do this, they will prevent you from trading in different ways. For example, they will arrange failures, technical problems, change spreads and swaps, cancel successful trades, replace normal charts with fake ones, carry out slippage in order to close a losing trade faster, and so on.
  • You can also be offered all sorts of services such as trust management, signals from an analyst, AI robots, copy trading, PAMM accounts, and so on. This is all you need to take control of your account and drain it quickly, or scammers will rub your trust in you, showing the result in order to knock more money out of you, and then just drain everything. The real money remains in their accounts.
  • In some cases, scammers are lazy and simply reset your account, pretending that you have been hacked and stolen all the money. While you are restoring access, scammers write in the office that all finances have been withdrawn to a third-party account. You can write whatever you want, but after that the money still can not be returned.
  • Finally, if you decide to withdraw funds back, then no one will allow you to do this. The crooks will play for time, asking for documents to verify their identity, and then these documents will be sold to other crooks. After verification, they will still ask you to pay commissions, taxes and other nonsense that they will invent, but the money will still not be withdrawn. They will pretend that they have withdrawn, but nothing will come to you, and then they will simply block you and that's it.

Accordingly, it can be noted that you lose your finances immediately after replenishing your account, and then you are simply bred, playing a performance. At the same time, many beginners will not even guess that they have been robbed. This is what black brokers are dangerous for.

An array of reviews on will tell you where your money is hibernating

Since this black broker has been around for a long time, there are plenty of reviews on the Internet. There are really a lot of negative reviews and I will present some of them here. For example, like this: 

These bastards from got into my confidence, promised high profits, so I bought into this scam. As a result, I lost everything that I invested in this office, I won’t be able to return the losses, I know that. Don't mess with them! Yes, all these brokers are bastards, they only know how to do that they drain clients. These scammers are already sick of it, they take advantage of the fact that people do not have enough money to enter the markets on their own and simply rob. Damn, there are no normal DCs anywhere, even if you turn sour.

Another victim complains:

I tried to invest on some similar site, but I was scammed for money. I see that the conditions here are the same as they were there, probably the owner of the offices is the same. I strongly do not recommend contacting such projects, my negative experience is a real confirmation of this, so do not even think of falling for this deception. 

The girl complains that her pregnant friend was scammed for money: 

Wow, wow and wow again!!!! One Crypto is a disgusting office that doesn’t give a damn about swindling money from anyone. They do not disdain to rob either an elderly person, or a pregnant girl, or a single mother. They don't care, as long as the money flows into their pockets. Here's a real story for you. Somewhere a week ago they called my girlfriend, they began to offer their alleged services. She said that she does not drag in trading and is 8 months pregnant, so she is not up to learning now. But they immediately began to convince her that then she would love to try to trade with them in order to earn money for childbirth and the baby. They say we offer you the services of a trader who will trade himself, and you will receive your percentage of trading. She had 20 thousand rubles in her account, she deposited them, but after 2 days these crooks stopped communicating. And that is all.

Another victim tells how she was bred: 

Mind blown, honestly! Literally in 2 days, these swindlers made me so powdery that at some point I didn’t even think about where and how much money I was transferring. I didn't think it was possible to be influenced like that. But these bastards seem to be taught to ingratiate themselves, so they are like professional hypnotists. Please, be careful! As soon as they understand that you are at least a little interested in their services - write wasted. They just won't get off of you. They will call from different numbers several times a day and each time they will offer something even better than they offered “yesterday”. Ordinary cuisine!

I'm also attaching a screenshot: reviews, black broker or not? Honest review!

You can draw your own conclusions from what you read. If you, too, have become a victim of fraud and divorce from the fake office, then write your reviews and comments about it. Your comments will become available after moderation. scammers who are clearly living off your wallet is a fake brokerage house without documents and licenses. The site is made quite mediocre and even bad in terms of the technical component. There is no information about accounts and activities, there are no normal contacts, and they have been bred here for money for more than a month and even a year. 

That is why I strongly advise against cooperating and trading on this platform, as you will simply be scammed for money and that's it.

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