Oleg Knyazev earnings reviews-zarabotok-v-internete-2020

Who among us hasn't thought about working from home? Nowadays, this is not something unattainable, there are a lot of companies that are looking for workers remotely. But many do not like the prospect of working for someone else.

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Such people are usually in search of fast and big money. And, preferably, the minimum load.

Unfortunately, cheese under such conditions can only be found in a mousetrap. After all, scammers cash in just on gullible applicants for easy money who do not know what might follow them.
Therefore, if you think you have found a great way to earn money at home, it is better to think a hundred times what fee you will actually have to pay.


  1. Website address
  2. Essence of deception
  3. What dangers can this project bring?
  4. Conclusion about Oleg Knyazev's project 

Website address

zarabotok-v-internete-2020.ru - a resource that promises us a daily profit in the amount of 1,000 to 20,000 thousand rubles per day. How? According to the site, just downloading pictures. But everything is not so simple here.

To get started, to learn the basics of making money, you need to spend money on courses. They cost 1890 rubles. If you think (quite justifiably) that it is expensive, managers will hasten to convince you, they say, only 1,890 rubles now, and then 10,000 a day!

Subtle manipulations occur at the very beginning.

For example, it does not hurt to stop at the developer of this course. He is a certain Oleg Knyazev, the reliability of his name can be doubted as well as the reliability of this whole scam.

Oleg Knyazev earnings reviews-zarabotok-v-internete-2020

In his video presentation, he talks about a difficult fate, childhood spent in an orphanage and complete loneliness. Also, in order to put more pressure on pity, he says that he had nothing, and his apartment was illegally taken away.

And now he, so strong and independent, has found a way to make profitable passive income and is now ready to share his secrets with everyone who buys the course. It's funny that the phrase "I found a great way to passively earn money" comes right after "there are no automated systems for earning money and there is no easy money either." A reservation, as they say, according to Freud.

What do we understand after watching this video? The fact that this scam is built on subtle psychology, people are being manipulated, putting pressure on pity. There is a particular focus on older people, who tend to be more compassionate and trusting, and in need of income.

Therefore, any inexperienced, naive person can easily believe in these beautiful phrases and promises, and easily buy a course for "only" 1890 rubles.

Essence of deception

Further, after completing courses that will not give anything useful anyway, you will have complete freedom of action. The whole point of passive income is to download pictures from certain sites.

Then they will need to be edited in a video editor and sent back to Oleg Knyazev. How easy does it sound to be a scam? All of us, thinking logically, understand that people do not earn money for simply downloading 1000$ pictures. But, of course, Oleg Knyazev is an exception to the rule.

Oleg Knyazev earnings reviews-zarabotok-v-internete-2020

No matter how obvious it may be, everything needs to be analyzed why this way of making money on the Internet can be dangerous.
First, why are we tasked with downloading pictures from obscure sources for obscure purposes?

Thus, you can easily break the computer system and download a hacker virus. The same goes for the "special program" that needs to be installed to process the photo.

What dangers can this project bring?

And it’s not worth talking about what harm hacker programs can cause. For example, by downloading malicious software, you run the risk of literally letting someone else into your computer.

Because hiding behind any program, hackers penetrate the user's computer.

Further, they will not only observe what you are doing, but also steal your personal data. And how the scammers will dispose of them can only be guessed at.

Secondly, be sure that you will not succeed in making money with this “amazing passive income program”. You will only waste your money on pointless courses that will brainwash you.

The only ones who make money on these courses are the owners of the course in the face of the so-called Oleg Knyazev. Divorce can be seen at a glance at the site.
It is made as cheaply as possible, the developers stinted on a convenient and beautiful design.

However, they did not spare loud slogans - “Your work will work for you”, “Become financially independent”, “Don't be a burden”.

All these are manipulations that help scammers to process their potential customers so that they, without noticing it, believe in these empty words and give away their money.

They speculate with a sense of pity, compassion, so that people have confidence in Oleg Knyazev. And so that they believe in his magical way of earning money by scattering counterfeit dollars.

Oleg Knyazev earnings reviews-zarabotok-v-internete-2020

Also, no details, evidence on which Knyazev's "teachings" are based are offered to us. All it has is four fake reviews from people with fake names and random photos from the internet.

Conclusion about Oleg Knyazev's project 

Obviously, Oleg Knyazev's passive income project is nothing more than a cheap divorce.

Fraudsters simply profit from selling courses, suggesting to their customers that they can earn money by downloading pictures from the Internet.

However, the fact that we are forced to download an incomprehensible program and then regularly download pictures is really alarming.

Since it is not clear what is really hidden behind these simple actions.

If scammers steal your personal data, gain access to the control of your computer and hack it, then the consequences will be much worse than the unsuccessfully spent 1890 rubles.

Therefore, in no case do not contact such unknown offices that offer huge earnings for almost no work. In this case, it does not hurt to remember what our Oleg Knyazev says: “Do not believe in any automatic schemes, they do not exist!”

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