Review of Beograd Investment Capital: reviews of 2023, withdrawal of money

Review of Beograd Investment Capital: reviews of 2023, withdrawal of money

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The hero of today's review will be supposedly a fairly reputable platform with extensive experience and a client base that will allow traders to quickly and efficiently carry out their trading activities, as well as come to the appropriate trading and financial results. It is in this way, inventing a certain status for itself, as well as increasing its significance in the market, that service attracts the attention of naive users, at the same time trying to attract their funds, which will later become the property of the office itself. More details about the fraudulent intentions and selfish goals of the broker We will talk about Beograd Investment Capital in this article, but first it is necessary to point out what general characteristics the Beograd Investment Capital platform has.

Company contacts Beograd Investment Capital

  • Project email address: Email address is being protected from spambots. Javascript must be enabled in your browser to view the address.
  • Support contact number: +234904894988
  • Project Location: Suite 306, Griffith Corporate Centre,
  • Kingston, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  • This project does not have any more useful and valuable provisions.

Website review

If we talk about what status this site ascribes to itself, and also whether it is really worth continuing to believe in its alleged professionalism and efficiency, you need to pay attention to its appearance, and more specifically, to the company’s website, which is designed in an extremely cheap style, and also does not have any professional signs of its creation. If you turn your attention to what it is filled with, you should emphasize for yourself a rather huge number of cheap and extremely primitive provisions that have nothing to do with the functioning of the site itself and only in general terms describe the trading process itself, which is clearly not very valuable for clients and is unlikely to somehow allow them to become more familiar with all the intricacies of the functioning of this service.

Broker conditions Beograd Investment Capital

  • availability of more than 400 trading instruments of the highest quality;
  • quite an extensive list of various payment services;
  • the most efficient and fairly high-quality customer support service, which consists of traders and market analysts;
  • an extensive news feed, where the company provides its users with information about all the most relevant market events;
  • the company provides its clients with the opportunity to gain access to indices, currency pairs, stocks and other assets;
  • an affordable client training program, which consists of a fairly extensive number of various webinars, online consultations and other phenomena;
  • a rather extensive analytical area, which contains a number of all the most necessary and professional tools;
  • leverage 1:100;
  • fairly loyal level of commissions;
  • an affordable referral program, thanks to which customers get the opportunity to develop their marketing skills, and at the same time receive additional profit.

Review of Beograd Investment Capital: reviews of 2023, withdrawal of money

Exposure of Beograd Investment Capital

Several demonstrative aspects of the functioning of this service will allow to answer this question at once. To begin with, it is necessary to point out the obvious falsity of this project, which manifests itself in many aspects of cooperation with clients, but for the most part it concerns the real age of the company, which, despite all its cheap attempts to prove the opposite, is less than 1 year, as evidenced by the domain name of this service, or rather the date of its update. This fact is not only able to expose the deceitful nature of this service, but also emphasizes once again its incompetence and inexperience, which explains the lack of a professional approach in the process of cooperation with clients. In addition, in addition to the real age, another revealing detail is the Location of the specified service, which, after a little analysis, indicates that the company is registered in a fairly popular place for scammers, which is confirmed by dozens of reviews on the website, an offshore zone, where such swindlers avoid any taxation, as well as any checks that can expose them.

How to withdraw money from Beograd Investment Capital

Since the company that has become the subject of this review is clearly devoid of any working and effective tools and functions that can come to any, even minimal profit, and also based on the absence of the company, in principle, any desire to help its users, there are no doubt about the fact that the platform Beograd Investment Capital does not withdraw money and is not going to do it in the near future for sure.


Summarizing all those provisions that were mentioned earlier in this article, namely the extremely negative company reviews Beograd Investment Capital, an abundance of indicative fraudulent characteristics of this service, proving that the office Beograd Investment Capital scam and a cheap deceiver, as well as pointing to a rather superficial and extremely unprepared trading terminal, which is deliberately set to unprofitable results and indicators, we recommend that you avoid any interaction with this project by any means, because otherwise you will face a huge amount of losses and wasted time.

Possibility withdraw money with "Beograd Investment Capital" not confirmed.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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