Liberty Pro Forex Broker Review: Scheme of Work and Investor Reviews

Attention! The company is suspected of fraud

 Liberty Pro is a supposedly successful forex broker that has been in business since 2013. More than 100 trading instruments, a convenient platform and a lot of mythical awards that the company has appropriated to itself - these are the loud statements that the company's official website greets us with. At first glance, everything is quite attractive, because the fake broker guarantees users access to daily analytical reviews and instant withdrawal of funds. But in their reviews, customers unanimously accuse the office of fraud and confirm the words with quite real arguments. What is the scam scheme used at and why do traders fall for scammers? That is what we are about to find out. 

Review of the official website of the pseudo-broker

The fake office will not surprise you with anything new. A banal template in tandem with meager text blocks saturated with false information - that's the whole set of scammers. Liberty Pro tries to distract customers from their true intentions by using flashy pictures and supplying the resource with mythical benefits.

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Liberty Pro Forex Broker Review: Scheme of Work and Investor Reviews

Surprisingly, in the section "About company" we even managed to find a few specific dates, which is not typical of most scammers. Charlatans kindly share their plans with the victims and hang noodles on their ears, talking about some fictitious success and a global mission. I would like to believe, but the reviews of ex-clients completely refute these data. 

The tutorials consist of several news (by the way, the last update is dated March 19) and a calendar of the most significant economic events. All basic information is located on the main page. In the footer of the resource you will find legal documents and a standard risk warning, with which Liberty Pro disclaims all liability for losses. 

Liberty Pro Forex Broker Review: Scheme of Work and Investor Reviews

Basic information about the Liberty Pro office: an overview of legal documentation

The pseudo-broker's website contains information that Liberty Pro was allegedly founded in 2013. A very dubious statement, because on the Web we found very few reviews about the activities of the company, so we decided to check the age of the domain ourselves. Actually was created December 10, 2019. This means that all the dates, statistics and mythical awards presented on the resource are just another fake that has no real background. 

Liberty Pro Forex Broker Review: Scheme of Work and Investor Reviews

In chapter "About company" means that the company has received international recognition after US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) assigned her the identification number 008-67990. Naturally, on the website of the central body they have not heard of an office with that name. 

Liberty Pro Forex Broker Review: Scheme of Work and Investor Reviews

The lies don't end there. The pseudo-broker decided that an abundance of licenses would help him ingratiate himself with naive citizens, so he posted on the resource information about another major regulator - FINRA (148245). Alas, another failure. The review showed that Liberty Pro is a ghost office without certificates and relevant documents. 

Liberty Pro Forex Broker Review: Scheme of Work and Investor Reviews

The intermediary brazenly claims rapid growth and shamelessly misleads potential victims. He says that over the years of impeccable practice, the company managed to make more than 25,000 customers happy. The site also contains information about some fictitious awards that the office allegedly received for good management and the best strategy of the month. Where is the evidence?

Liberty Pro Forex Broker Review: Scheme of Work and Investor Reviews

What does Liberty Pro offer to investors? Overview of trading conditions

During the review, we got acquainted with the information contained on the official resource of the pseudo-broker. Of course, immediately catches the eye fake benefits and beautiful stories about the firm's incredible popularity in the international financial arena. Users are promised:

  • 24/7 technical support;
  • instant withdrawal of funds;
  • comfortable trading;
  • daily analytics;
  • access to educational materials. 

Favorite list of all scammers. There is absolutely nothing behind big words. They are just trying to deceive you using simple manipulations. Alas, the forex broker cannot boast of good reviews, high-quality support, or official regulation. We are dealing with another rookie swindler who still does not fully understand what to expect from this undertaking. 

Liberty Pro Forex Broker Review: Scheme of Work and Investor Reviews

A very interesting point - account types. The charlatans only informed users about the size of the deposits. Maximum leverage, spreads, available instruments and commissions - this important information was overlooked. For example, to become an account owner Standard, you need to invest up to $20,000. Fraudsters have good requests. 

To make transactions using an account Silver scammers demand to deposit up to $35,000. Below it is indicated that with an investment of more than 5,000 USD, 20% is reimbursed from the spread, and every month 1.5% are credited to the account balance. 

Owners Gold account must replenish the balance by at least $ 35,000. And this is far from the limit.

Liberty Pro Forex Broker Review: Scheme of Work and Investor Reviews

How to create a personal account on the “kitchen” website 

The review showed that the registration process will take you no more than 3 minutes. No documents or photographs are required from the victims. Fraudsters are looking for profit for themselves, so they minimize tedious paperwork so that as many naive users as possible get hooked.

The trader needs to fill out a special form, indicating the basic data about himself:

  • first and last name;
  • E-mail address;
  • phone number;
  • country of residence. 

Review of the procedure for replenishing the balance and withdrawing funds on

Exists several ways account replenishment:

  • bank transfer;
  • debit/credit card;
  • electronic payment system "Yandex.Money";
  • crypto wallet (for Bitcoin, Ripple, Qiwi, Ethereum).

If payment is made by credit card or electronic methods, then crediting occurs automatically. When making a bank transfer, the term for receiving funds to the account is usually 2-3 days.

To withdraw money, you will need to provide a pseudo-broker with an identity document. The site indicates that the average processing time for applications is 3-5 business days, but in their reviews, customers refute this information. In fact, you will never be able to cash out an account, because this function is provided by the company only as a distraction. 

And what is known about the technical support of the fake Forex broker Liberty Pro?

The site indicates that the central office of the company is allegedly located at: Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, PO Box 1510, Beachmont, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Firstly, this is an offshore zone, so the office cannot be trusted a priori. Secondly, the pseudo-broker has nothing to do with this location. 

Also on we found a mention of email. The scammers chose not to contact the deceived victims directly, ignoring the need to have a valid phone number. Based on feedback from ex-clients, support operators prefer not to respond to emails. Intelligible and professional advice, alas, is not worth waiting for. 

Feedback from deceived traders about the Liberty Pro scam project

Liberty Pro is a relatively young scam project, so during the course of the review we found only a small number of reviews. Investors claim that the company is simply cheating people for money and blocking accounts for no apparent reason in order to avoid unnecessary questions. 

Nickname client korovikt left a negative review in which he accused the pseudo-broker of using “kitchen” methods of work: 

Liberty Pro Forex Broker Review: Scheme of Work and Investor Reviews

Trader Dmitriy also pecked at tempting promises and found himself in a trap: 

Liberty Pro Forex Broker Review: Scheme of Work and Investor Reviews

User Inna in her review, she revealed the fraudulent plan of the Liberty Pro office: 

Liberty Pro Forex Broker Review: Scheme of Work and Investor Reviews

Fake Forex Broker Liberty Pro: Divorce Scheme Review

Before us is a typical low-grade scam project that wants to cash in on the mountain of deceived victims. Scammers do not differ in their original approach to business, so they borrowed a fraudulent scheme from their more experienced counterparts. You replenish your account, make a number of successful transactions, listening to the advice of allegedly professional experts and observe a good profit. 

Problems will arise during the processing of an application for withdrawal of funds. Charlatans will refuse, arguing that you need to pay some kind of mythical tax in the amount of 13% of the total amount. Of course, you can try your luck and make the scammers even richer. But still, we advise you to abandon this idea, since the money is still not returned. 

We got photos of Liberty Pro pseudo-analyst Valeria born on 12/18/1995, last location Moscow City

Liberty Pro Forex Broker Review: Scheme of Work and Investor Reviews

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Summing up the review of Liberty Pro

Liberty Pro is a dubious company that does not inspire confidence. The lack of a license, fake information and a lot of inconsistencies that are visible to the naked eye - these are the “charms” that the official website of the company meets users with. We strongly advise against investing in, as this cooperation can turn into unnecessary problems for you!

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