New financial company "Russian Fund" reviews

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The new financial company "Russian Fund" makes profitable offers, thanks to which it is possible to increase capital, secure the future of children, and say goodbye to the problems of lack of money forever.

General information
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• phone: +7(495) 108-18-46
• jur. address: RF

Project description

The activities of the Russian Fund company are regulated by the Central Bank. Users can count on the legality and transparency of cooperation.

They can get loans, securely store their own savings. The company guarantees 100% account security. Promises minimum commissions. The project works legally, in accordance with the norms and requirements of Russian legislation.

The official site is filled with news information. It contains copies of permits and benefits. The project does not hide legal information.

Aimed at the most open communication. On the main page there are active tabs necessary for submitting an application and obtaining information.

Despite the legality of the activities of the pros, they recommend that you carefully consider the commissions and promises of the project developers.

New financial company "Russian Fund" reviews

Technical part of the Russian Fund project

Using the project without official registration is impossible. At the same time, the company opened access to basic information. The project offers several savings programs in which the minimum deposit is 50,000 rubles. Annual commissions are 13,95%.

The duration of cooperation is 6-10 months. Savings programs are represented by the following options:
• optimal - the minimum deposit is 50,000 rubles, when investing funds for 6 months. monthly profitability is 3278 rubles, annual - 53278 rubles.
• maximum - the minimum deposit is 100,000 rubles, when investing funds for 10 months. monthly profitability is 3278 rubles, annual - 53278 rubles.

The advantages and offers of the company are not limited to this. Developers insist on personal communication with each client. A trusting attitude increases the degree of responsibility and understanding.

New financial company "Russian Fund" reviews

The essence of divorce

Legitimate company makes profitable offers. However, it does not exclude force majeure situations. Pay attention to the proposals of the project. They look realistic.

At the same time, in the optimal and maximum options, the commission and profitability are the same. Perhaps the company is not engaged in the improvement, updating and development of the project, which is proved by such errors.

With a maximum investment of x, there should be other terms of the transaction. The indicated errors are determined by the pros. Beginners believe the assurances of the company's developers.

This error is not unique. The project offers to participate in the financial game, counting on a sole victory. This is noticeable from the calls. Advanced pros with experience in the financial market will never contact such companies.

Despite the legal activity, the company makes unprofitable offers. Cooperation ends with large commissions and the lack of the desired profitability.

Pros recommend not contacting private companies, giving preference to state-owned financial institutions that set specific conditions and make real offers.

New financial company "Russian Fund" reviews

Reviews about Russian Fund

The company "Russian Fund" at the first consultation made an advantageous offer. In fact, it turned out that users as participants are inattentive to learning the rules. As a result, commissions skyrocket, benefits are almost zero. Financially secure individuals somehow solve the situation. The rest remain in debt.


Russian Fund is an official project with a dubious reputation. A huge number of negative reviews on the Internet resources confirm the fraudulent actions of the developers. Pros recommend watching the project and draw your own conclusions.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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