Nihao-BNB - crypto mining with scam

Nihao-BNB is an international mutual benefit fund that offers us the joint mining of Binance Coin, that is, BNB. Offer for beginners.

In fact, you will not mine anything here. This project is a very simple scam that is easy to expose. However, it is aimed at absolute beginners, and therefore should be considered quite dangerous.

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What do they offer

BNB mining. Binance Coin is a real cryptocurrency that has a good value, and therefore a perspective.

We will mine this coin with the help of this project, which also calls itself an international mutual fund.

Nihao-BNB - crypto mining with scam

We are required to write to the specified e-mail box and wait for further instructions.

Signs of a scam

Nihao-BNB is striking in its cheapness and even wretchedness. The site is a low-quality one-page site with absolutely nothing. Even the buttons are inactive, including registration. How can such a disgrace be posted online?

The International Mutual Aid Fund in human language is translated as "divorce for the money of beginners." No such cash registers exist in nature. This is the favorite terminology of scammers.

The project is completely anonymous. Not only contact, but also legal information is missing.

Nihao-BNB - crypto mining with scam

The mechanism of mining is not clear, and no one tells us anything about it. This is due to the fact that scammers still focus on beginners who do not understand anything about it.

The essence of the divorce is that you will be given the address of a cryptocurrency wallet to which you will have to transfer a certain amount, allegedly in order to become part of this cash desk and start mining BNB on favorable terms for yourself. In reality, you send this money to scammers, and after that everything ends.

Pros and cons of Nihao-BNB


Nihao-BNB is a low-quality cryptocurrency-themed scam aimed at beginners. Of course, you will not mine any coins here. You will simply be swindled for money, and this is where your earnings on the network will predictably end.

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Nihao-BNB - crypto mining with scam

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