Nicholson Financial Service,

Nicholson Financial Service,

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There are more and more courageous and resolute among us. Those who want to develop their own business or, as an option, engage in trading. Forex trading can bring a good income, or it can leave you completely without money. It all depends on your financial intermediary. Today we will analyze the Nicholson Financial Service company and see if it is a serious broker, or is it an ordinary insolvent kitchen, of which there are a huge number on the network.

Information about the intermediary

The company began its operation in 2003. This is confirmed by the reviews that appeared at the same time. Almost immediately, the UK was registered in London.

The official website was originally created and there have been no changes in personal data since then. We know:

  • Regulator;
  • Address of the official stationary headquarters;
  • Phone for communication;
  • Email.

That is, there is all the necessary technical information. After a thorough check, it became known that everything indicated is reliable and valid. The mediator is absolutely transparent.

Official site

As it was written above, the official website was created initially. It practically does not differ from similar ones and, in addition to personal data, it contains:

  • Trader's privacy policy;
  • Security information;
  • Information about services and rules and provision;
  • Reviews and comments about the intermediary.

Unlike many kitchens, the footer does not say that the broker is not responsible for the funds received from traders.

Terms of trade and advantages of interaction with the company

Nicholson Financial Service offers, as a modern and advanced intermediary, several types of earnings:

  • Standard trading;
  • Getting a monthly rent from the invested funds. The amount of deductions reaches up to 37%;
  • Affiliate program, where income as a percentage depends on the number of invited and remaining traders.

The benefits of collaboration include:

  • Demo - account and opening Pamm - accounts;
  • Trading on the web platform - trader;
  • Several types of tariffs, where each is optimized for a beginner, an experienced trader, a recipient of passive income;
  • Receive daily news and forecasts;
  • Deposit insurance;
  • Training with webinars and test mode with a personal manager for beginners;
  • Negative balance protection;
  • Storage of personal data under double encryption;
  • No commission when replenishing an account and withdrawing funds;
  • A large number of withdrawal and replenishment methods;
  • In the absence of pounds sterling, the company accepts another currency at the rate.

After the standard registration, the trader chooses a suitable account for himself and replenishes the balance. You can start trading or wait for dividends to arrive on the card indicated in your personal account, electronic wallet, etc.

Reviews from real traders about the broker

Both on the official website and online, you can find a huge number of comments about Nicholson Financial Service. Real ones are increasingly positioned in a positive or neutral way. Traders note:

  • Excellent round-the-clock technical support and real help not in word but in deed;
  • Opportunity to participate in auctions at night and on holidays;
  • Simple registration;
  • Detailed training covering all the nuances;
  • The maximum delay in payments for a maximum of half an hour (usually instantly).

In neutral comments, bidders blame themselves more for inexperience. Most make a second attempt.

Clearly fake negative

Almost all negative reviews are custom. They do not describe the interaction experience. All in general terms and in the same style.

Such a broker should have many competitors. Few intermediaries will like it if their customers massively withdraw money from their accounts and leave. This threatens with bankruptcy, new advertising costs, or updating the interface of sites for attractiveness.

Summing up

Nicholson Financial Service has been operating for a long time and is legal. It is not profitable for a broker to lose his well-deserved reputation because of merged traders. She wants long-term mutually beneficial cooperation and attracts new clients every day.

This broker is worth trusting. After all, over the years he has shown himself exclusively on the positive side. It is a guarantee that you will not go into the red, but will just earn. Or maybe it’s convenient for you to “sit” on percentages.

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Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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