Nfian FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money

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Analyzing previous reviews on the site, you can see how often one-day offices come across on the market, whose activity, which is not difficult to guess, is to embezzle funds from their users, as well as to maintain their fraudulent project in working order thanks to the received assets. In this review, we will talk about another brokerage house with not the best functionality and trading conditions, which is directly related to the previously mentioned fraudulent companies. We are talking about a project called Nfian, which began to function, according to the presented characteristics, about 4 years ago and during this time managed to develop a huge number of useful trading tools, as well as additional functions that provide the most comfortable and efficient trading environment.           Nfian contacts

The broker has provided its users with a rather limited list of possible ways to contact it, it includes only 3 components:

  • Phone number: +35793313432
  • Support email address: Email address is being protected from spambots. Javascript must be enabled in your browser to view the address.
  • Location of the main office of the presented project: Agios Solonas Street, 6 9526 Larnaca

Site review

Since we mentioned the direct relationship of this platform to a fairly popular type of fraudulent one-day projects, it is quite obvious that the company uses a template and standard web resource to familiarize users with its terms. The design of this site, as well as its information content, leaves much to be desired, including only the most superficial and banal data, as well as the most simple and absolutely identical interface with a dozen other offices.

Nfian FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money

Nfian Broker Conditions

Since the broker uses simply paraphrased and completely non-unique trading offers, it is difficult to evaluate their quality. From the available data layer, we can distinguish the following, rather limited list, of trading functions and opportunities for the user:

  • the presence of a convenient and universal trading platform, which is suitable for installation on any electronic device with absolutely any operating system;
  • the trading process is carried out on such popular and popular and profitable markets: stocks, cryptocurrencies, indices, bonds, metals, commodities, as well as currency pairs;
  • round-the-clock user support from experienced and successful analysts and traders;
  • no additional commissions when making financial transactions;
  • maximum loyal deposit thresholds;
  • the availability of additional trading products that will ensure more stable and efficient trading, namely: a trader's calculator, as well as an economic calendar;
  • fully automated trading process, using the latest and most advanced technologies;
  • a fairly universal approach to the trading process, which will allow both still green and already professional traders to comfortably carry out their activities;
  • the presence of an extensive loyalty program, which includes a huge number of useful goodies for traders;
  • the presence of a news feed, from where customers can learn about the latest developments in the aforementioned markets.

Nfian FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money

 Exposing Nfian

Taking into account all the "promising" proposals of the company, which have absolutely no evidence of their implementation in practice, as well as a number of other rather significant provisions, for example:

Nfian Reviews, in which deceived users mention the negligence on the part of the representatives of this project, as well as their incompetence in the presented area, which quite often manifests itself in the absence of real help from the company in really difficult trading situations. It is also worth mentioning the experience of this site, which is repeatedly mentioned by the project itself, on which its entire legend rests. The thing is that, as we mentioned earlier, this platform mentions 4 years as its actual age, but in fact, which can confirm its domain name, which we tend to trust more, this platform began its activities only at the end of October 2021, that is, less than 2 months ago, so to say anything about her experience and professionalism is simply stupid. So, given these provisions, one can only cast aside all doubts regarding the fact that the company Nfian scam and scam, and only once again to be convinced of it.

How to withdraw money from Nfian

We think it should come as no surprise that Nfian not withdrawing money, since, given its real goals and intentions, such an end to cooperation with its clients is quite logical and, according to the idea of the platform itself, should bring it a good income.        


A fully automated trading platform, professional trading conditions, stable earnings and quick withdrawal of funds - all these are cheap fairy tales for naive users, which the office presents in batches on its site Nfian, just to draw as much attention as possible to your scam project. Taking into account all the previously mentioned provisions, especially of a negative nature, we would like to recommend to all clients who consider this project as a real opportunity to receive a stable income and thus improve their financial situation, to find a safer and more reliable alternative that could fully replace the presented project and would really help clients achieve maximum trading results.     

Possibility withdraw money with Nfian not confirmed.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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