Nexus Investment FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money

Nexus Investment FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money

The hero of today's review will be another, non-professional and self-proclaimed leader in the field of trading, there are probably more than a thousand of them, as articles on systematically prove. More specifically, we will talk about a service called Nexus Investment, which already has a fairly abundant client base, but does not allow traders to withdraw funds or receive any other benefit in the process of cooperation, since the main goal of this project is to fill exclusively their own pockets, whatever it takes.         Nexus Investment Contacts

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  • Address: Ave. Al-Farabi 77/7, Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Support Email: Email address is being protected from spambots. Javascript must be enabled in your browser to view the address.
  • Contact phone number: +77071871215 

Website review nexusinvestcorp.comThe resource of this project presented to clients does not look the best way. The thing is that the office did not even try to approach the creation of this service from a professional point of view, since both the template and the content of the presented resource indicate that the office created everything in haste, probably trying to start the trading process as soon as possible and start the flow of funds to their offshore accounts. Given this, it is simply impossible to extract anything really concrete and useful from the presented site.            Broker conditions Nexus Investment

  • an available welcome bonus to the trading account in the amount of 100%;
  • convenient and with a fairly simple interface, a trading platform that works on an automated basis;
  • the ability to trade without swaps;
  • available statistics and charts that will help users track all the trading activity of the company;
  • lightning-fast execution of trading orders;
  • guarantee of safety of user funds;
  • round-the-clock support by the best employees of the company;
  • the presence of several levels of referral program;
  • several types of accounts, including also a special VIP club, which will provide members with more unique and professional services and functions;
  • affordable trading account insurance;
  • the universality of the trading application, which can be seen in the ability to install it on any device, as well as any operating system;
  • minimum commissions;
  • availability of standard training for still green traders;
  • quite loyal deposit contributions.

It is not so difficult to promise the provision of effective and promising services to clients as to ensure their execution, which Nexus Investment clearly ignores.     

Nexus Investment FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money


Exposing Nexus Investment

Actually, the answer to this question is quite simple, Nexus Investment scam and scam, which is simply not even able to count on a real place among really noteworthy projects, since it has absolutely nothing to justifiably call itself a successful and professional brokerage service. Let's start with his reputation. Reviews about the company Nexus Investment are of an exclusively negative nature, which is quite obvious, given how the office employees treat their users and what kind of “quality” advice, as well as consultations, they offer and conduct. Among other things, traders also pay attention to the absence of previously promised professional tools; instead, clients get access to the most primitive and absolutely not profitable dummies. Also, it is necessary to study the question of the legal basis for the activity of this service, which is still open. On its resource, this site did not leave a single document or any parody of it to prove its reliability, transparency and, of course, legality, which it tells its users so much about. Moreover, this project did not try to create even a banal privacy policy or a client agreement, which only in an even better light shows the imperfection and absolute non-professionalism of Nexus Investment.   


How to withdraw money from Nexus Investment

As we mentioned earlier, the Nexus Investment office is a rather fraudulent project that is not able to bring profit to its users due to a number of fraudulent beliefs aimed at the desire to receive their own benefit and in no way contribute to improving the financial condition of their clients.                                                                           


Considering that the office Nexus Investment does not withdraw money, uses rather primitive and low-quality tools, does not have the most competent and qualified staff, and absolutely does not care about the comfort of its clients, it is quite obvious that this project cannot claim to be a professional and even more reliable brokerage service, which means all his beautiful fairy tales and his own beliefs are just an empty place that means absolutely nothing.          


Possibility withdraw money with Nexus Investment not confirmed.


Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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