Fraud schemes from Trade Capital Limited, reviews and withdrawals

Fraud schemes from Trade Capital Limited, reviews and withdrawals

Trading project Trade Capital Limited is an investment service of a standard type, which supposedly presents its users with an extensive list of the highest quality tools and functions that can fully provide traders with a safe and efficient trading environment that will unlock the potential of clients, and at the same time, significantly improve their financial situation traders. Many clients, without a second thought, pout on such promises, thinking about how promising it will turn out to be in the future, but in reality, which will be revealed in today's review, the platform Trade Capital Limited scam and a cheap deceiver who only in words is capable of professional and efficient trading activities, but in reality has no special idea about the market and how to work with it, only presenting clients with a cheap illusion of supposedly profitable earnings, at the same time emptying their wallets.

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Company contacts Trade Capital Limited

  • Company Location: 48 Brampton Grove, London, England, NW4 4AQ
  • Email address: Email address is being protected from spambots. Javascript must be enabled in your browser to view the address.
  • Also in this section there is a fairly standard feedback form.

Overview of

Purely visually, there are absolutely no questions about the site of the hero of today's article, but as far as its content is concerned, the company has clearly set priorities for other aspects of its activities, filling the mentioned service with cheap and absolutely non-specified provisions that can hardly even be called complete and data describing the activities of the project . In addition to all its shortcomings, a rather significant disadvantage is the absolutely poor-quality translation of the information provided, which creates a number of difficulties for users and does not fully reveal the main idea of how this site wanted to present itself.

Conditions of the broker Trade Capital Limited

  • an abundance of high-quality tools, the list of which includes an economic calendar, as well as a profitability calculator;
  • a systematic newsletter that allows you to notify traders about the most significant and important market changes for their activities;
  • convenient trading terminal, which is accessible for use on any electronic device;
  • fully automated processing of trade transactions and operations;
  • for the most part, the company is focused on the crypto market;
  • rather competent support of traders by qualified specialists in the economic field;
  • an affordable range of trading accounts that are suitable for both beginners and already quite professional specialists of the company;
  • a fairly simple and convenient registration procedure, which users will spend less than 5 minutes;
  • no high commissions or hidden fees;
  • an extensive bonus program that will provide customers with additional profit and comfortable conditions for trading activities.

Fraud schemes from Trade Capital Limited, reviews and withdrawals


Exposure of Trade Capital Limited

First, speaking about the legality and safety of this site, it would not be superfluous to mention the fact that the project Trade Capital Limited scammer, which does not provide its users with a single full-fledged legal document that would make sure that this site does not have the characteristics that would be inherent in fraudulent projects, and is also regulated by relevant projects that confirm the security and transparency of all actions of this service. Also, customers leaving reviews about Trade Capital Limited, mention the rather deceitful nature of the activities of this project, which is manifested literally in all the actions of this site. For example, if you turn your attention to the fairy tale that this company systematically mentions, namely its significant experience and functioning over a fairly long period of time, you can find many inconsistencies with reality, because if you turn your attention to the domain name of the project, about which he apparently forgets, you can see that his domain was recently bought out, which means that there can be no question of any experience and professionalism in this regard, because the Trade Capital Limited office has not worked on the market for even six months, even if it claims the opposite .

How to withdraw money from Trade Capital Limited

Analyzing all those provisions that indicate the absolute incompetence of this service and its inefficiency, manifested in the absence of real mechanisms for obtaining appropriate profit by clients, there is no doubt that the company Trade Capital Limited does not withdraw money, caring solely about how quickly and imperceptibly she can rob her gullible users.


Pointing out a number of rather revealing shortcomings of this site, as well as analyzing the vast number of those characteristics that this office has and which absolutely do not correspond to the status of an effective and professional service, including taking into account the systematic cooperation with a huge number of scammers like this office, whose activity has already been disclosed more than once on the website, we advise you to avoid any direct contact with this project, and even more so do not trust it with your funds.

Possibility withdraw money with "TradeCapital Limited" not confirmed.


Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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