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There are quite a few fairly cheap sites on the market that call themselves investment funds and rank their cheap projects on a par with really popular and sought-after companies that have built up their reputation and confirmed their status for a long time. Just a bright representative of those companies that are trying to fill their pockets with the help of deception is the hero of our today's article called Money-trade.        

Company contacts Money-trade

The company even made a separate cell on its website to put all the data there, using which its representatives can be contacted directly, although in reality, for a small feedback handicap, which the office offers to users, it doesn’t take much space. In this form, users are required to mention their personal data, namely full name, telephone address, e-mail address, as well as indicate the reason and subject of the appeal. Money-trade

Website review 
The company, judging by the design and content of its web resource, did not spend much time and money to call itself a truly professional and high-quality project, because, in fact, it did not provide really useful information on its site and spent 50% all the space solely for describing their merits and achievements, which are not even confirmed by any facts.
As for the comfort in using this web resource, the company, despite all its convictions that Money-trade is not only a member of the domestic market, but is also known and used all over the world, presented a translation of the site through Google translator, who is not able to qualitatively and in detail present all the material in accordance with the original and gives incorrect information in many places, which only raises even more doubts about the quality and professionalism of Money-trade. Money-trade

Money-trade broker conditions

The presented office has developed a unique fund management system, which, according to Money-trade itself, works on the basis of high-quality strategies developed by experienced and professional market specialists. In addition, Money-trade also offers its clients the following list of available functions and features for users:

  • high efficiency of the investment platform, which is achieved due to its multifunctional and high-quality content;
  • availability of round-the-clock support from experienced and qualified specialists, namely analysts and professional investors;
  • fully automated investment process, which helps to achieve maximum results in the course of investors' activities;
  • a high level of security for clients' investments, which is achieved through the use of separate accounts, as well as additional technologies;
  • the most simple platform interface that even a child can figure out;
  • the opportunity to receive daily earnings;
  • the presence of a multi-level affiliate program that allows you to receive additional income and significantly improves the investment process, due to the presence of additional assets;
  • protection of user funds from DDOS attacks, as well as other possible hacks;
  • minimum commissions when carrying out any financial transactions on the site;
  • rich in filling investment portfolios that are able to bring 0.15% hourly during the month.

All the conditions presented by the office seem quite promising, but in reality they are nothing more than beautiful fairy tales of the fund, to attract the attention of naive investors who, without any evidence, are able to believe in the promises and guarantees of this fraudster.

Exposure of the Money-trade company

The company promises its customers a huge number of all sorts of functions, as well as opportunities that in fact it is not even going to fulfill, since its real intentions are in no way connected with helping its users achieve success and improve their financial condition, which all naive people foolishly count on. users who have invested in the presented service.
Additional proof that Money-trade scammer and scammer, is its image, and more specifically, then reviews about the company Money-trade, which indicate the negligence of its representatives and the absolute disregard for the requests of its clients, which is not within the scope of a truly professional and successful project.   

How to withdraw money from Money-trade

We think the fact that Money-trade does not withdraw money, can become one of the main reasons that explain the lack of any sense in cooperation with this platform, because, as you know, studying on the website, this function is a key one in the operation of any investment platform, which is only once again makes it clear how stalemate the Money-trade office is.      


Making a conclusion about the quality and reliability of the presented service, we can also mention its real age, which is only 6 days at the time of writing the article, that is, for a given period of time, in fact, this kind of office could not even fully launch all the functionality of its site, not not to mention receiving a huge amount of awards, which describes so beautifully money-trade. Taking into account this fact, as well as all the previously mentioned ones, we strongly do not recommend the presented project for cooperation for already known, as it seems to us, and understandable reasons.  

Possibility withdraw money with "Money trade" not confirmed.


Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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