MediaCoin real reviews about SCAM!!!

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MediaCoin is a new multi-platform created for influencers active in social networks, creating content, bringing cryptocurrency in the real and virtual world.

Using the platform facilitates the process of making a profit and becoming a leader in the global financial markets.

General information
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• legal address: Russian Federation

Project description 

MediaCoin was created for profitable investment in cryptocurrency. Opens up new opportunities for beginners and advanced traders. It promises fast transactions and 100% account protection.

It is impossible to find official information about the company on the site. It is available online. The project is young and needs to be radically improved. The developers' mistakes are too noticeable

The main interaction with MediaCoin takes place via email. Technical support is available around the clock. According to the admin, project participants can count on legal protection, be sure that confidential information is kept.

To study the terms of cooperation, the company offers to carefully read the user agreement, which is in the public domain.

MediaCoin real reviews about SCAM!!!

Technical part of MediaCoin

The platform was created for media personalities. The main benefits open after official registration on the site. The company offers to make money on pharma, innovative products, creating and selling content.

The cost of the coin increases along with the amount of funds in the farm. It is impossible to buy it, while the receiving function is available. The main principles of cooperation are to increase the price while increasing investment in the agricultural sector.

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The project does not stand still, it is engaged in improvement and development. An increase in the number of media personalities has a positive effect on the profitability of participants.

There is no detailed information about trading plans, commissions, payment system on the site. Information about the minimum deposit amounts is also not available to unregistered users.

MediaCoin real reviews about SCAM!!!

The essence of the scam 

The MediaCoin project looks unrealistic. Signs of a scam are visible to the naked eye. The Company deliberately withholds basic information from its own members.

Does not provide phone number and legal address, access to permits. Illegal activity on the Internet deprives users of legal protection.

The company does not invest in the project, trying to lure newcomers with cheap slogans. The lack of reliable information in real time misleads users, deprives them of the opportunity to receive real income and achieve their goals.

The user agreement is concluded unprofessionally, unilaterally. The company has the right to independently change the terms and conditions. Thus, users are guaranteed minus deposits.

The project was created for its own profit. Working with him is problematic for your own wallet. Pros recommend using the services of proven HYIPs and not risking your last money.

MediaCoin real reviews about SCAM!!!

Real reviews of MediaCoin participants

MediaCoin makes promises and does not deliver on them. The reasons are connected with a misunderstanding of the essence of cooperation. The team does not disclose its own conditions, does not declassify the commission.

The first negative begins immediately, after draining money and withdrawing huge commissions. Making claims to the developers does not lead to a positive result. Desperate participants are faced with a complete blocking of the account and a complete loss of invested funds.


The MediaCoin company masquerades as a truthful project. In fact, the project is drawn, invented by dreamers. Working with the company is dangerous. Numerous reviews show that minus deposits are guaranteed to everyone, regardless of experience in the financial market.

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Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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