Pseudo-broker NFG Finance: how scammers swindle people for money, reviews

Pseudo-broker NFG Finance: how scammers swindle people for money, reviews

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A company called NFG Finance likes to compare itself and its project with a huge number of intermediary companies, exposing its service to a higher level at their expense, and thus attracting naive clients. In addition, this project also loves various, extremely unbelievable fairy tales, which should give the company and its activities a more professional shade, but in reality they only once again emphasize the deceitfulness of this platform, as well as its lack of real indicators of its performance and success, because all of them are obviously deliberately overpriced. We will talk about this, as well as many other provisions regarding the fraudulent inside of the NFG Finance site, in this review.

Contacts of NFG Finance

The website of this project contains a standard feedback form, as well as the following list of contact details:

  • Support email address: Email address is being protected from spambots. Javascript must be enabled in your browser to view the address.
  • Contact phone: +442081575015
  • Company headquarters location: Churchill Place, London E14 5EU, UK2

Site review

At first glance, it may seem that the company has a fairly standard and quite ordinary site, which provides a description of all the functions and characteristics of the hero of today's article, as well as a number of tools he uses. But in reality, if you turn your attention to the information content of the mentioned resource, you will immediately notice how incompetently and not seriously the company took the development of its website, creating it as template and primitive as possible, which clearly will not allow traders to fully familiarize themselves with all the main details of the functioning of the specified company.

Broker conditions NFG Finance

  • a fairly high-quality and extremely easy-to-use trading platform that does not require a long installation and any additional procedures to start working with it;
  • on an ongoing basis, clients will be supported by the best specialists in the economic environment, ranging from experienced traders to professional analysts in the economic field;
  • a fully automated process for processing trade transactions, which significantly speeds up the trading procedure, as well as obtaining the corresponding financial results;
  • a basic educational program will be presented to clients, which will consist of a number of electronic materials, as well as online webinars;
  • fairly loyal commissions;
  • for each client, the company provides a personal account that will allow you to achieve your desired trading goals as soon as possible;
  • NFG Finance provides its users with the opportunity to interact with the Forex market, raw materials, stocks, indices, currency pairs, and metals;
  • a fairly extensive news portal, which contains a number of the most relevant events in the trading environment;
  • an affordable bonus program for the most active users, which consists of various promotions and nice bonuses for customers.

Pseudo-broker NFG Finance: how scammers swindle people for money, reviews

Exposing NFG Finance

To make sure that there is no value and benefit in cooperation with the hero of today's article, you need to pay attention to the reputation of the company, and more specifically, to reviews about the NFG Finance project, which were posted on various feedback platforms. More specifically, in their comments, users point out the obvious disinterest of the hero of this article in any help to their users, the rather indicative illiteracy of the site, as well as the extremely unprepared trading terminal, which can hardly be called professional and high-quality, since it has a lot of technical problems that have an extremely negative impact on the further trading activities of users. Also, in order to indicate that the company has all the signs of a fraudulent site, it should be emphasized that this service is devoid of any, even the most banal legal provisions that could prove the transparency of all actions and services of this office. In addition, in addition to the most standard provisions for the type of client agreement, the office decided to ignore the most significant documents, namely the certificate, as well as the license, which would indicate the presence of the appropriate site regulation, but instead, its absence only confirms the fact that the company NFG Finance scammer and arrogant swindler.

How to withdraw money from NFG Finance

Analyzing the fact that the company did not even try to pretend that it really cares about its customers and is capable of providing them with full financial support, it is quite obvious that the office NFG Finance does not withdraw money and is unlikely to change his mind about it in the future.


Summing up a number of those provisions and characteristics that this office has, and also that do not have the most positive effect on the trading activities of users, we recommend based on this kind of reviews left on the site, as well as their final, not the most positive and impressive results , not interact in any possible way with the NFG Finance office and any of its analogues.

Possibility withdraw money with NFGFinance not confirmed.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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