LiquidShells: company reviews

LiquidShells ( is our guide to the world of trading. Allegedly a reliable broker who will help us gain financial independence. Unless in the sense that he will steal all the money from us. Just because it's a scam.

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Contact Information

Official site:

Legal address: Vasili Michaelidi 37, Limassol

Phone number: 35726325369

Email: [email protected]

Broker Description

So, the LiquidShells brokerage company offers us to earn comfortably, which will be provided by offering favorable conditions, as well as providing various trading tools.

LiquidShells says almost nothing about itself. We only know that this broker allegedly offers the best trading conditions and wide functionality. However, these are nothing more than empty words. They are not supported by anything, and, therefore, cannot be considered as truthful.

In addition, it is clear that LiquidShells is a template pseudo-broker. A project that has many analogues in the network. This suggests that it was created by experienced swindlers, for whom swindling money from gullible newcomers is a common thing.

LiquidShells has no legal information in reality. What they tell us here - supposedly the broker has several licenses at once, specifically - Cyprus, Mauritius and Belize, this is a standard tale from these crooks. In fact, LiquidShells does not have a single license, moreover, such a company does not even exist, it is not registered anywhere.

Trading conditions

LiquidShells works in the same way as numerous project counterparts. Traditionally, only three types of trading accounts are offered, with familiar conditions. The minimum deposit is only $150. A very high leverage is promised, which, of course, no one will provide.

We will allegedly trade standard assets - stocks, metals, currencies, cryptocurrencies, indices, and so on. A local trading terminal is offered, which is predictably not connected to any exchange.

LiquidShells: company reviews

As for reviews, LiquidShells is a young project, so it has quite a few of them. At the same time, such scammers very quickly acquire negativity, so they do not live long. People are already saying that LiquidShells is a pseudo-broker that scams for money.


There can be no question of any cooperation with LiquidShells. Fake broker on an overbought domain, created by experienced admins. Dangerous deceit and scam.

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