LiquidShells FRAUD reviews and withdrawals

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The company that became the hero of our today's article is a clear representative of fairly popular fraudulent companies on the market, which are called one-day offices. The basis of their activity is identity, as well as mass character, which is clearly visible in their design, as well as the algorithm of actions of these sites. In this article we will talk about an office called LiquidShells, which started its activities not so long ago, and more specifically, only two months ago, according to its domain, but has already managed to receive a lot of negative feedback regarding its activities from deceived ex-clients. We will talk about them a little later, but first we will consider the main characteristics of the site presented.           Contact LiquidShells

On the available web resource, this broker has provided the following information, which will help clients directly contact the company, and more precisely with its representatives:

  • Email address: Email address is being protected from spambots. Javascript must be enabled in your browser to view the address.
  • Location of the head office of the represented company: Vasili Michaelidi 37, Limassol
  • A feedback form in which users will need to indicate their full name, contact phone number, a language convenient for communication, and also mention which country the trader is a resident of.

Overview of and

As we mentioned earlier, for this kind of sites, identity is the norm, so it’s stupid to say anything about the uniqueness of the presented site, as well as about the information content of its content. Since these sites are created in large quantities, they contain a fairly universal list of both biographical information and trade data, so there are simply no unique features that are characteristic of this particular project.

LiquidShells FRAUD reviews and withdrawals

LiquidShells broker conditions

The company, as we mentioned a little above, presented users with fairly standard trading conditions, which are as follows:

  • the availability of universal trading offers that are suitable for both beginners in the field of trading and experienced users;
  • fully automated trading process, which allows you to speed up trading at times, as well as get maximum efficiency;
  • round-the-clock access to the most popular and profitable markets for stocks, metals, cryptocurrencies, indices, futures, bonds, and currency pairs;
  • constant support from experienced and qualified employees of the office, represented by successful traders, as well as market analysts;
  • the presence of several tariff plans, which are divided by level of complexity, Investor - the simplest and most banal account, allows beginners to try their hand at trading, Trader - a more advanced account that already contains many more features and functions for traders, and Professional - the most improved an account where there are exclusively professional trading instruments, as well as a number of other privileges that were not available to clients before;
  • loyal deposit threshold, which starts from 150 US dollars;
  • the presence of a multi-level referral program;
  • a huge number of bonuses, as well as other benefits that are no less beneficial for customers;
  • the presence of additional trading tools, which consist of a trading calculator, as well as an economic calendar.

LiquidShells FRAUD reviews and withdrawals

Exposure of LiquidShells

The presented company is the most common scam project, which can be confirmed by how LiquidShells reviews, in which ex-clients mention quite a few rather negative points regarding cooperation with her, as well as a huge number of other, no less solid facts, which include, for example, the complete absence of any legal documents, including also a certificate or license, which must be present at the site of such projects. Also, the fact that LiquidShells is a scam and a scam, confirms its location, which has been on the list of the blackest offshore zones for quite a long time, where just a huge number of scammers live, in our case, these are the islands of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  

How to withdraw money from LiquidShells

To all the already existing reasons not to cooperate with LiquidShells, one can also add the fact that LiquidShells does not withdraw money, which, as you probably know by studying similar reviews on, is a key function of every brokerage project, and ignoring it only confirms that the company has fraudulent intentions.


Taking into account all the previously mentioned facts regarding the activities of the company LiquidShells, one can make a quite logical and sometimes even banal conclusion that cooperation with the presented project does not bring any benefit to traders, since it is a cheap way for scammers who are behind the wheel of this service to replenish their pockets at the expense of naive investments, and also gullible users.

Possibility withdraw money with "Liquid Shells" not confirmed.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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