Kit Consult - charlatans who cheat on Forex

Kit Consult - charlatans who cheat on Forex

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Carefully! Kit Consult is suspected of fraud!

Under the guise of providing high-quality brokerage services on the network, many sharashka offices deceive customers by simply stealing their money. In order to appear more respectable in the eyes of customers, crooks come up with impressive legends, ascribe fake awards to themselves, even order reviews and articles on the net, just to quickly appropriate other people's money for themselves.

A striking example of a dishonest stockbroker, determined only to throw money and rob, is Kit Consult. The scam exists and has been operating for less than one year, but the office has already managed to get a lot of negative feedback from network users, as it brazenly threw them for money. Kit Consult has many signs of a scam, you can check these facts yourself and quickly enough, clearly confirming that it is dangerous to contact crooks, as well as investing on their website.

Information about the stockbroker and his offers

Having opened the official website of the intermediary company, it is immediately worth noting that the resource operates only in Russian and English, which is often a hallmark of kitchens that can only pump money out of the population. The Kit Consult review makes it clear that attracting the attention of gullible beginners here will be “super favorable” trading conditions and loud phrases, saying that the office can be completely trusted.

Kit Consult - charlatans who cheat on Forex

More than three hundred thousand financial products are ready to be provided to the attention of traders by the exchange trader, and he also allows trading from any device using one account to work with different assets. The office also assures that it uses exclusively advanced technologies when servicing clients, is ready to quickly execute orders, and offer favorable conditions for partnership.

Clients will be able to replenish their account and withdraw funds from Kit Consult in a completely safe mode, and the company also undertakes to store the finances of traders in the best banks. The office provides a service to protect against a negative balance, provides round-the-clock technical support 5 days a week and offers to work with narrow spreads of 0-1 points.

3 trading profiles were presented to traders, the minimum investment amount is $1,000, more than 60 currencies, as well as indices, commodities, and metals, can be used in the work. There are no commissions on the stock trader's website, you can work with micro-lots and trading advisors, and also use VPS services.

Kit Consult - charlatans who cheat on Forex

Also, clients are offered work with the Web Trader terminal, ideas for profitable investment, and the broker assures that it is global and has been awarded prestigious awards. The company even did not forget to publish reviews about Kit Consult on the site, so that users are guaranteed to pay attention to it, leaving a lot of money to the crooks.

Why is it definitely not worth contacting Kit Consult?

If you carefully consider the presented company and its work, we can conclude that Kit Consult is a typical standard scammers who stop at nothing on the way to achieving the main goal - deceiving and scamming ordinary people. The main signs indicating the frankly fraudulent work of a stock trader are currently as follows:

  • there is no data on the time of foundation of the company and its owner;
  • the site does not contain the address of registration of the company and its actual office, the only thing indicated is data on customer service within the European Economic Area;

Kit Consult - charlatans who cheat on Forex

  • the company completely waives responsibility to clients, does not provide any guarantees to traders;
  • the office provides services without a license from the financial regulator, being a complete illegal immigrant, which does not allow you to trust it;

Kit Consult - charlatans who cheat on Forex

  • on the company’s website, they attributed awards for 2020 to themselves, although the office’s website is less than one year old;
  • the company's agreement does not contain its legal details, respectively, this document has no force at all;
  • the office can change the price of opening or closing a transaction, at its own discretion can increase the size of the spread;
  • the company's bonus conditions are unfeasible, which is why customers will not be able to withdraw finances.

Kit Consult - charlatans who cheat on Forex

An illegal office has the right to request additional documents for verification at any time, thereby delaying the process of withdrawing finances indefinitely, because no one is going to pay customers here anyway.

The office offers to resolve complaints and disputes through the mediation of sending letters to e-mail, which is a very well-thought-out move on the part of crooks, because no one will actually read customer letters.

Good articles and reviews about such a frank scam can only be written for money, since people who have dealt with these scammers will obviously not recommend them.

Information about Kit Consult website

Having become acquainted with all the facts about the office in question and its work, one can understand that we are facing frank swindlers who have no intention of paying. If we talk about the review of the official website of Kit Consult and its results, then in the course of this investigation about the resource of scammers, it turned out like this:

Kit Consult - charlatans who cheat on Forex

  • the address of the brokerage resource on the network -;
  • data on the start time of the resource - the site was launched on January 21 of the current year;
  • information about the owner of the resource - registration is private, detailed information is not available;
  • scam contacts - internal chat, standard contact form, email [email protected]

There is no phone number or office address on the site, because the crooks are not going to actively communicate with traders, listening to their complaints. An anonymous, undocumented office operating in typical kitchen style can only successfully rob, but no more.

Reviews about Kit Consult - what real people write

You can find enough reviews about Kit Consult on the net, and these comments are clearly not as positive as on the website of the office itself.

Kit Consult - charlatans who cheat on Forex

The authors of the reviews about the company claim that it robs ordinary people quickly and confidently, not intending to pay a penny, and this scam has large appetites, so there is a risk of losing a large amount. Rogues are completely anonymous and brazenly rob people, so cooperation with them should be avoided.

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