How to withdraw money from Polar Capital Technology (

Fraudsters at every turn create new brokerage projects, passing them off as solid, reliable companies. Another recent creation of scammers designed to extort money is the office Polar Capital Technology. In fact, the site was registered 2 weeks ago, but the scammers pretend to be a reputable broker with many open accounts and clients. In reviews of Polar Capital, clients are often looking for a way to withdraw money from Polar Capital Technology.

Is Polar Capital Technology a Scam or a Reliable Broker?

Fraudsters write on their website about registration in the UK, but only companies with partially similar names were found in the registry, which have nothing to do with our heroes. A check on the website of the British regulator shows that this office was not given permission to operate, and the central bank did not issue permits to scammers.

In fact, we are faced with solid illegal immigrants with fake contacts, without documents, promising mountains of gold for the purpose of brazen robbery. The company listed as a managing broker really exists and is registered, it has been managing investment funds since 1996 and has nothing to do with our scammer's site, so you should not contact scammers who use other people's names for their dirty purposes.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

How to withdraw money from Polar Capital Technology (

The website of the real company Polar Capital Technology Trust plc has already published a warning that fraudulent brokers use their brand name and other data for extortion purposes, so you should not trust such newfangled scammers. On the site of our current heroes, as the check showed, it turned out that some of the data was stolen, and some was fictitious, which allows us to draw the right conclusions.

Polar Capital Fraud Formula

Withdrawal of funds from Polar Capital Technology does not exist at all, because the scammers simply imitate the process of trading on a fake terminal and mislead people. These scammers have made their offers attractive to beginners so that inexperienced people will quickly fall into a scam and lose their money, so it is worth avoiding the site of a new scammer.


Polar Capital Technology scammers are a new scam, not a real experienced broker who works illegally, there are still many such sharashka offices on the network, and they only lure money out. Do not be deceived by the fact that the offers of a scammer look tempting, because the main goal of scammers is a gross robbery.

How to withdraw money from Polar Capital Technology?

If you need help withdrawing money from Polar Capital, you can request a free consultation. Our partners - specialists in the recovery of international payments from fraud have already helped thousands of people, they will help you too! Leave your contact details and a specialist will contact you.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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