K1 Finance FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money

K1 Finance FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money


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The hero of the mentioned article, a project called K1 Finance, has been presenting its services in the field of trading for quite a long period of time, during which he allegedly managed to successfully improve his product, as well as create an abundance of opportunities for his users that will help improve their trading potential and a stable good income. Pointing to such a vast number of supposedly promising opportunities, it is also worth paying attention to the not very positive aspects of the activity of this service, which, based on all the subtleties of its functioning, are many times more than the really noteworthy aspects of its work. We will provide a detailed description of these shortcomings in this review, but first you need to consider the main characteristics of its existence on the market.      

Contacts of K1 Finance

  • Support phone number: +442039067347
  • Customer support email address: Email address is being protected from spambots. Javascript must be enabled in your browser to view the address.
  • Company Location: K1Finance Ltd, 169-171 Arch. Makarios III Avenue, Cedars Oasis Tower, Floor 1, 3027, Limassol, Cyprus

Site review k1-finance.org

Based on how poorly and absolutely unattractively the website of the hero of today's article is designed, we can conclude that this project did not even try to use the services of relevant specialists and develop a unique template that confirms its professionalism and competence, apparently creating its service solely for show and filling all the voids in its list of details necessary for the status of a full-fledged broker. In addition, it is also important to emphasize that absolutely no useful and detailed data for the client regarding all the intricacies of cooperation with this project was presented, which only once again raises doubts about the real quality of the K1 Finance office.          
Conditions of broker K1 Finance

  • the highest quality and timely support service that will help the user deal with all his questions;
  • this project provides its users with about 3,000 trading instruments, the list of which includes stocks, cryptocurrencies, indices, raw materials and others;
  • clients are given the opportunity to use detailed trading charts, as well as the statistics they need;
  • the fastest and easiest registration procedure;
  • the opportunity to trade around the clock;
  • fixed spreads from 1.5 pips;
  • the presence of a number of trading accounts that are suitable for both beginners and experienced users;
  • an accessible trading terminal not only in the desktop version, but also in the mobile one;
  • each user is assigned his own personal manager, who will further control his entire trading process;
  • the presence of a fairly extensive loyalty program;
  • affordable trust management;
  • fairly low deposit fees;
  • minimum commissions;
  • an open opportunity to join the company's affiliate program and receive additional profit.      


Exposing K1 Finance

Although all the promises and services of the office mentioned earlier sound quite attractive and promising, you should not trust her word for it, since she does not provide any actual evidence of her effectiveness and profitability. It is worth starting to expose this project with its allegedly impeccable, but in fact rather negative reputation. In most cases, it is formed by extremely negative K1 Finance reviews, in which the most extensive number of quite significant and influencing the activities of traders, shortcomings are mentioned on a regular basis. These, in particular, include absolutely low-quality and half-empty tools, distinguished by their minimal efficiency and usefulness, absolutely illiterate trading personnel, as well as an abundance of rather significant technical problems and delays in the trading process that may adversely affect further trading results. users. Also, speaking of other, rather dubious aspects of the activity of this service, it would not be superfluous to indicate the real age of the project, which it stubbornly hides, trying not to spoil the first impression of itself and not to scare off potential victims of its fraudulent scams. If you get acquainted with the domain name of the project, and simply analyze the level of its work, it will become quite obvious that K1 Finance scammer and an obvious swindler who has been providing his services on the market for only a few months and has not even managed to fill his client base yet, but despite this, he provides a lot of facts that contradict logic and real indicators about his supposedly authoritative and influential functioning in the market.    


How to withdraw money from K1 Finance

It is not at all surprising that the project K1 Finance does not withdraw money and is not going to do this in principle, based on simply a huge number of complaints regarding its non-profitability and lack of access to real markets, which this project tells so beautifully to its naive users, whose funds it uses in the future for its own selfish purposes.                                                    


Summing up and summing up everything that was mentioned earlier in this article, in particular the vast number of company shortcomings, its fraudulent intentions and selfish goals, and also taking into account the fact that K1 Finance works with a huge number of equally fraudulent and fraudulent projects, which have already been mentioned more than once on the site be-top.org, and in an extremely negative way, we advise you to refuse any interaction with the hero of this review, because, as has already been proven from the experience of his deceived ex-users, nothing financially useful will come of it, rather the company will lead you to completely opposite results.

Possibility withdraw money with K1-Finance not confirmed.


Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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