IQ OS Money SCAM reviews withdraw money

IQ OS Money SCAM reviews withdraw money

The financial market is rich in dishonest companies. They all enter the market with the sole purpose of misappropriating client funds. All of them differ only in name, everything else is unchanged, the scheme of deception is as old as the world. They can hide behind other projects with which they have nothing in common, except for this, they can provide fake contacts and documents. Today we will talk about one of them, a scammer named IQ OS Money.                                    

IQ OS Money Contacts

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

24/7 support, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it, office address is 60 Lockyer Avenue, Albany, Washington, 6330. 

Site review

Since we first mentioned a similar approach of our hero, then, therefore, the information available on the site will not bring us anything new. The design is also not presentable, the specifics are not planned. The site domain was bought by scammers in September 2022, which means that no solidity is expected. Fraudsters know what baits to attract new customers, what to invent to draw them into their networks. Our hero is listed in the register of organizations in Australia, but only the data is different, it all comes down to the fact that the project has nothing to do with it.                                        
 Broker conditions IQ OS Money 

What conditions are expected in cooperation, what customers should focus on, what accounts are available, what is the replenishment threshold, no information is available regarding this. It should be clear to you that such ignorance of employees and investors will be left without a livelihood in an instant.          

Exposing IQ OS Money

According to the coordinates of our hero does not appear. There are no documents confirming from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, but how did the employees make sure that they were customer-oriented? After some time, our hero got into the list of black brokers. Not surprisingly, there is no business permit, it works illegally. Also, our hero has a lot of clones that are not ready to work for the result, you can get more information about them by visiting the website.      

How to withdraw money from IQ OS Money

Employees try to lure naive clients without experience, persuade them to deposit a small amount, telling in return about quick earnings. Further, crooks confidently draw investors a profitable trade, persuading them to make regular payments. When clients decide to withdraw money, scammers will not let them go so easily, they will demand to pay commissions and fines they have invented, block the balance and stop contacting them. Company IQ OS Money does not withdraw money.                           


Company IQ OS Money scam, recently launched on the market with IQ OS Money reviews negative. Such knowledge informs us that it is not worth working with her, so as not to lose the rest of our funds. Illegals are not easy to bring to justice!

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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