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Investment funds open one after another every day, presenting more and more new and unique conditions, but not all of them are able to bring clients the results that many users expect, because in the end, at least half of the presented offices turn out to be impudent scammers and swindlers who have nothing to do with really noteworthy projects. In this article, we will talk about a company called Invest-Coin, which has recently started operating on the market, but has already managed to enter the list of sites with a rather negative reputation. About the reasons and factors that confirm that Invest-Coin scammer and scam, we will talk in this review, but first you should familiarize yourself with the basic characteristics of the presented investment fund.      

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Contacts of the company Invest-Coin

Among the data provided, which is necessary in order to contact the office directly, only an email address is available on the website of the site Email address is being protected from spambots. Javascript must be enabled in your browser to view the address., as well as online chat, which works with big interruptions and sometimes you have to wait for an answer for days.  

Website review invest-coin.ccThe presented site can be attributed to a number of those that were made in a few minutes in a free constructor, using the most common and simple template. Given all these provisions, to say that Invest-Coin, as a self-respecting company, take care of its appearance, as well as the presentation of its project, is rather stupid, because it is obvious that this resource was created solely for show.     

Broker conditions Invest-Coin

The company posted on its website the following list of trading opportunities and services:

  • unique trading systems;
  • availability of copyright indicators;
  • own, time-tested and many traders trading strategies;
  • round-the-clock customer support by experienced and professional representatives of the investment sphere;
  • availability of 10 investment plans with every minute opportunity to make a profit;
  • a fully automated process of financial payments, which will allow you to make a profit without delay;
  • the most simplified registration procedure, which will allow you to complete it in just a few minutes;
  • the presence of a profitability calculator that allows you to calculate future profit depending on the amount of the deposit;
  • the office presents statistics on its resource that displays all the latest activities of both the company and its clients;
  • Invest-Coin offers a huge number of payment services, thanks to which it is possible to carry out any financial transactions;
  • the company guarantees its users stable payouts every 10 minutes. Invest-Coin


Exposing Invest-Coin Company

Despite all the guarantees and promises of the company, its real intentions absolutely do not coincide with the statements that it presents on its website. Promising users stable and fast payments, this site only creates the illusion of a successful investment in order to attract the attention of new customers, and, accordingly, their funds along with them. Ultimately, when users reach the stage of making a profit, they will be completely disappointed, because it turns out that Invest-Coin does not withdraw money and drains all user funds to their accounts, while still at the time of the start of their activities.

It is also impossible to ignore the fact that this project has been operating, according to the domain name, for only a month and a half, because it began its activities only on February 19, 2022, which means that it does not smell of any experience, although the office itself insists on the opposite, presenting a number of its achievements. Finally, it is worth mentioning that this office does not provide absolutely any official and real documents, everything that is available on its platform is a cheap fake in the form of a certificate from the supposedly UK Companies House, which could not have been issued by it, because even on the official Companies House portal, there is not a single mention of such a service as Invest-Coin.       


How to withdraw money from Invest-Coin

As we mentioned earlier, an office called Invest-Coin scammer and scam, who does not even consider such a phenomenon as the withdrawal of funds to his clients, because he thinks exclusively about his own pocket and he simply does not need extra spending.              


Considering various kinds of reviews on the site, you can repeatedly draw an analogy with others, as well as the algorithm of the office's actions Invest-Coin and understand that there is no difference between them. Given the negative reviews about the company Invest-Coin, the lack of the opportunity to make a profit, as well as constant fraudulent machinations from this site, it is simply impossible to advise this project as a real way to improve your financial condition, as well as to recommend investing your funds in this service, because they are guaranteed to go into the pocket of scammers and scammers called Invest-Coin.  


Possibility withdraw money with Invest Coin not confirmed.


Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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