IH Global Markets Limited reviews of DIVORCE!!!

IH Global Markets Limited, a new project with the fastest order execution speed, has gained popularity due to real profits.

The company's proposals are not fiction - this is a reality that allows you to become a financially independent person in the first month of cooperation.

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General information
Search for an office on the World Wide Web:
• IH Global Markets Limited - online investment
• IH Global Markets Limited - dealing center
• IH Global Markets Limited - telegram review
• IH Global Markets Limited - divorce

• official website: https://ihglobalfx.com/en/
• technical support: by e-mail

Project description

The company created a project to expand its own business and help novice traders. Pro project offers a profitable list of financial instruments.

Visual acquaintance with the site, studying the news information and benefits create a good impression. Working on a modern platform is simple, accessible and does not cause problems for beginners.

The company works with 22+ leading banks, liquidity providers. Transaction speed is maximum. The same applies to withdrawing money and replenishing the account.

The margin leverage is 400+. Confidentiality of the information received, legal security and legality of activities are guaranteed. At least that's what the developers say.

IH Global Markets Limited reviews of DIVORCE!!!

Technical IH Global Markets Limited

The company's activities are related to precious metals, currency pairs, stocks, assets, digital currency and other popular instruments.

Beginners are encouraged to use the demo version. Virtual money will help minimize risks, understand the correctness of the strategy, and draw appropriate conclusions.

Trading using modern trading is simple and flexible. There are no upper limits with circuit breakers.

To participate in the project, you must click the active tab, officially register, fund your account and trade. Pros believe that the project is more aimed at advanced traders. The developers claim otherwise.

For these reasons, it is important to carefully study the terms of the user agreement, the comments of the project participants and not ignore the rules of the scam. The latter are found even in official verified HYIPs.

IH Global Markets Limited reviews of DIVORCE!!!

The essence of the scam

Initially, the broker was focused on English-speaking users. Today he was interested in the Russian-speaking contingent. Acceptable project conditions attract a large number of participants.

At the same time, a smaller part pays attention to the obvious signs of a scam. The company initially operated under a black pirate flag.

The scheme chosen by the developers is more suitable for the name of fraudulent. The company brazenly steals money from accounts, does not shy away from unintelligent newcomers.

You can prevent financial losses and disappointment by paying attention to the signs of a scam:
• the project works without a license, has never received and is not going to receive a document
• the team does not advertise the composition, does not provide a dossier, does not talk about their specialty
• the project was created recently, cannot guarantee the maximum list of financial instruments, the practical experience of the pros shows that most of the instruments will turn out to be fictitious
• the project is risky and low income, the main income is received by developers (money is merged from accounts into offshore accounts)
• lack of legal protection deprives users of the opportunity to recover lost money by filing a lawsuit in court

The company completely burns the shores does not provide its own users with contact information and data of the legal address of the office.

IH Global Markets Limited reviews of DIVORCE!!!

IH Global Markets Limited Reviews

Working with the project is dangerous for your own wallet. The main work of developers is connected with dialing, persuading, imposing their own conditions.

The team goes to any tricks to attract participants. After replenishment of the deposit, interest in users is partially lost.

It is renewed in order to convince the next deposit replenishment. This continues all the time, until the understanding of the scam comes. Lost funds are lost irretrievably. You have been made fools.


The project is illegal. Fraud facts are confirmed by numerous feedback from participants. Advanced traders will never risk their own capital, and they wish you the same.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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