GodHome FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money


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There are more and more investment companies on the market every day, due to an increase in requests for existing functions in this area. This process has both positive, for example, the presence of an extensive choice for users from existing companies and the ability to choose exactly what the client will be best suited for, depending on his requests, and negative consequences, namely, a huge number of new fraudulent second-rate projects that are under With the appearance of successful and high-quality sites, they squeeze their funds out of users. In today's review, we will look at the activities of a company called god home, which has been operating on the market for not so long, but has already become a rather negative character in this area, since it has quite a few rather significant points that often appear in the process of cooperation with it, proving fraud on the part of the presented project.           GodHome Company Contacts

The company on its website has not posted almost any possible option in order to contact it, or rather its representatives, which raises quite a few doubts about its quality. All that traders can do is call the contact number left on the site of the represented office (+46812400263) or send a letter to the specified address (Arenavägen 45-63, Stockholm 121 28 Sweden), more, this project does not provide any other options .

Website review godhome.club

The site presented by the company looks like the most standard web resource, with a template design. This site makes it possible to conclude that god home did not spend enough assets to ensure that her appearance corresponded to the presented status, that is, she absolutely did not care about what impression she would create when meeting clients, which a really high-quality investment fund would never do, because the face for the office is one of the main its key factors that influence the decision-making by users regarding cooperation, as well as the formation of trust in the company. As for the information content, the site did not provide the most in-depth description of its activities, mentioning only a few general points, as well as providing a brief description of its site, created by the feedback from the company's customers. If the user needs to additionally learn something about the trading process, he will be able to do this only after completing the registration procedure.

GodHome FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money

Broker conditions GodHome

As we mentioned earlier, the presented description of the activities of the GodHome company is not the most detailed and specific, which directly affects the inability to fully familiarize yourself with all the intricacies of its work. Taking into account the data already available, it is possible to compile the following list of tools operating on the presented platform, as well as the opportunities available to customers:

  • the presence of a convenient platform that contains a multifunctional interface, as well as a huge amount of useful tools;
  • fully automated process of execution of transactions;
  • experienced and qualified support from successful investors, as well as IT specialists;
  • the most simplified registration procedure, which takes no more than 5 minutes;
  • the absence of any commissions when performing financial procedures;
  • availability of an affiliate program;
  • an extensive number of bonuses and nice buns for active, as well as new users;
  • the opportunity to use consulting services from the best specialists in the field;
  • availability of financial market analysis;
  • several types of accounts that are aimed at both novice traders and already experienced, as well as professional investors;
  • loyal deposit thresholds, which are only 100 US dollars;
  • selection of a personal analyst who will monitor upcoming market trends and direct them to the best results.

There are a lot of these promises and offers from the broker, but not all of them are implemented in reality, since most of these services deprive god home opportunities to fill their pockets, because they are aimed at meeting the needs of customers, which is why the broker leaves these guarantees and promises only in words, in order to attract as many naive and gullible traders as possible.  

 Exposing GodHome Company

Because the company GodHome scammer and scammer, which she herself repeatedly proves, all her real intentions are aimed solely at replenishing her own pocket, as even the traders themselves state in the responses left. We are talking about GodHome reviews, which are posted on independent evaluation sites, but not on the website of the project itself, since the latter were created by the broker himself only in order to raise and confirm their status, but in no way show the real trading situation. Comments on feedback platforms reflect the real picture, which is far from ideal and only once again, according to all the negative points associated with the activities of GodHome, prove the complete absence of a hint of security or reliability of the office.    

How to withdraw money from GodHome

According to all the same responses, as well as a number of other points, taking for example the same intentions of the company and its goal to increase its financial condition, one can make a quite obvious conclusion that GodHome does not withdraw money and does it quite openly, after some time of cooperation with her, when the office realizes that it has squeezed the maximum out of its clients, no matter how it sounds.          


Considering the previous reviews on the be-top.org website, as well as all other provisions mentioned in this article, we can conclude that such algorithms of actions for brokerage companies are quite common on the market and it is enough just to come across a similar platform with identical design and goals, just under a different name. This fact only once again makes it possible to realize the full extent of fraudulent acts on the part of the represented company, namely god home and understand that this service does not have those beautiful and promising services and offers with which it lures traders, and all this is just the components of its fraudulent plan, which as a result should bring good results in the form of profit, or rather, hard-earned investments of users, Therefore, we do not recommend trusting this project.      

Possibility withdraw money with "God Home" not confirmed.

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