Global Classes: reviews and terms of cooperation. Opportunity to earn or another divorce?

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Online trading can bring considerable profit, but it is associated with high risks. Novice traders are looking for educational materials to help them create an effective strategy, and this is where scammers like Global Classes come into play. They promise to tell the user all the secrets, asking for incredible amounts for their services. As a result, investors drain deposits and waste money. How do scammers operate, and what do affected customers write about them in reviews? Read on!

What is known about Global Classes?

Charlatans promise to turn a newcomer into a “shark” of trading as soon as possible. They claim that all mentors are professionals, but their names and faces, of course, are not shown. It is not surprising, because under the guise of a reliable company, a criminal group operates.

If the creators of the project were going to work for a long time, they would have made a good informative platform. The site looks wretched: there is almost no specifics on it, only a description of fictitious benefits and custom reviews. The meager price of 119 rubles indicates that the site was made in haste and the scammers are not going to use it for a long time.

Global Classes: reviews and terms of cooperation. Opportunity to earn or another divorce?

When writing a review, we found out that Global Classes is a new fake office from the creators of the Income Training scam. A lot of negative reviews have been written about him, but in an incomprehensible way, he still remains afloat. The swindlers were too lazy to rewrite the text on the site and change the interface. They only added new pictures.

Global Classes focuses mainly on traders from Russia and Ukraine. This is evidenced by phones with the codes of these countries. Checking the numbers, we came across a review that scammers offer not only education, but also trade.

Global Classes: reviews and terms of cooperation. Opportunity to earn or another divorce?

If a company conducts brokerage activities, it must obtain a license from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. This is required by Law No. 460-FZ, and it also refers to the prohibition of the provision of other services, except for intermediary ones. Naturally, there was no information about scammers in the register of the domestic regulator.

Global Classes: reviews and terms of cooperation. Opportunity to earn or another divorce?

The scammers claim that they are officially registered in the UK. We are sure that they chose this country so that the deceived user would not have the desire to come and chat with them in person. In addition, we doubt that Global Classes has an office at all: there is no information about it in the British register of legal entities.

Global Classes: reviews and terms of cooperation. Opportunity to earn or another divorce?

From the experience of writing reviews, we know that scammers often prescribe clauses in the “User Agreement” that put the user at a disadvantage. Global Classes legal documents are a masterpiece in a bad way. For example, the cheaters in them call themselves not a training platform or even a broker, but an online store. There are other interesting points in the "User Agreement":

  • fraudsters will not compensate the user for losses caused by their fault or negligence;
  • scammers can at any time refuse to provide services to the client;
  • scammers are not responsible for the information posted on their own site.

What does Global Classes offer?

Although in the reviews we found a mention that the hero of our review provides brokerage services, he does not talk about this on the site. His main focus is on education. Global Classes offers three types of accounts:

  • "Silver". For $500, a user can view a glossary and read a couple of e-books;
  • "Gold". After depositing 750 USD, access to the economic calendar and consultations opens;
  • "Platinum". The amount of replenishment is 1000 dollars. For this money, the trader will receive daily analytical materials, signals and forecasts.

As we can see, the hero of our review does not provide any materials that would cost so much money.

Reviews about the scam

There is a section with reviews on the site, but you can immediately see that they are all written to order. There is no form where everyone could tell about their impressions. There are no other comments on the Web, except for complaints about calls. We will be monitoring the situation and will update as soon as they become available. If you have suffered from Global Classes, tell us about it in your review and help other investors not fall for the bait of cheating.

How do users lose capital?

It all starts with ostensibly vocational training. Users lay out a tidy sum for useless materials that can be easily found on the Internet. At the same time, company employees offer to immediately open an account called “Platinum”, arguing that it is better to pay $ 1,000 and get access to webinars and analytics in order to quickly start independent trading. 

It can be concluded that trading takes place on its own Global Classes platform. Here, the cheaters get complete freedom of action: they allegedly provide the client with forecasts and advise profitable deals on which he drains the deposit. In fact, the money immediately falls into the pockets of scammers. It will not be possible to hold them accountable, since the contract states that they do not guarantee the usefulness and relevance of materials and consultations.

Our verdict

We strongly discourage messing with Global Classes. The sharashkin office created by experienced scammers operates without registration and license, which means that the result of cooperation with it is predictable. Stay away from the scam if you don't want to end up with empty pockets!

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