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The company we are going to talk about today is quite a promising and promising brokerage project that provides only the most efficient and professional trading tools and opportunities. It is these tales that pours into the ears of their naive and gullible users, an office called Glenrocks, which positions itself as a successful brokerage project with global influence and vast experience, but in fact is an absolutely cheap and most inefficient project, whose activities bring profit only to the office itself, but not to its clients.      

Glenrocks contacts

  • E-mail address: Email address is being protected from spambots. Javascript must be enabled in your browser to view the address.
  • Location of the main office of the office: Pl. Dailly 3, 1030 Schaerbeek, Belgium
  • Also, this service provided a feedback form, through which you can go to direct communication with Glenrocks employees. Glenrocks


Overview of and cfd.glenrocks.comThe site presented to users shows quite well that the brokerage project in question has absolutely nothing to do with status platforms and fairly high-quality sites, since its design, as well as its content, does not meet any of the criteria that fit this description noteworthy platforms.      

Glenrocks broker conditions

On the under-resource that was developed Glenrocks, you can find the following information, which is submitted as available trading opportunities and services, namely:

  • access to global markets: stocks, indices, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and more;
  • systematic updating of the news portal, which contains information about the latest changes in the trading environment;
  • the absence of any commissions;
  • spreads from 0.1 points;
  • the company's offers are designed for both inexperienced traders and already professional users;
  • open access to a single multi-active platform that contributes to convenient and comfortable earnings;
  • the company's employees are quite qualified, speak 30 languages, and also support users and accompany their activities 24/7;
  • the presence of high liquidity;
  • affordable insurance for traders and their funds;
  • spot and futures contracts;
  • access to gold as well as oil;
  • fully automated trading processes;
  • fast and absolutely simple registration process;
  • a fairly plentiful number of payment systems and virtual wallets, thanks to which it is possible to issue a withdrawal of funds.

Exposing the Glenrocks Company

The entire list we mentioned earlier, in the opinion and in accordance with the goals of the office, should attract attention and motivate users to start cooperation with this service, as well as invest as much money as possible in its development. The fact that the company Glenrocks is a scam and a scam, just proves a huge number of fairly significant provisions, namely such as:

Reviews about the company Glenrocks, in which customers express their opinion extremely negatively regarding the effectiveness of cooperation with this site, as well as in which there is complete disrespect for users on the part of the company and its staff. The absence of any documents confirming the safety of the personal information of users, as well as their funds at least. We are talking about such provisions as a privacy policy, terms of cooperation, and, which is extremely important for every broker, a license or a certificate that contains all the necessary evidence of the reliability and transparency of the activities of a particular project.         


How to withdraw money from Glenrocks

Given the lack of real access to all the previously mentioned markets, as well as the huge amount of negative feedback from the company's ex-traders, it is quite easy to understand that the office Glenrocks does not withdraw money, and is not going to do this under any circumstances, because its main task is to replenish its balance on offshore accounts, and doing this at extra costs, such as bringing profit to its users, is not so easy, taking into account the absence of any sources of income, from where it will be possible to take free funds to allocate them to clients as a profit.                 

ResultsQuite a few users, judging by the number on, believe scammers like Glenrocks and continue to fund their fraud, despite clear signs of fraud, which this project is trying to suppress and hide its real insides as much as possible. In order to reduce this number at least a little, we strongly do not recommend cooperation with Glenrocks, since this will not end under any circumstances with anything positive, and even more so, profitable. Glenrocks


Possibility withdraw money with Glenrocks not confirmed.


Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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