FTX FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money

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Cryptocurrency trading is one of the most popular ways to get a fairly good income on a stable basis. Due to the rather high popularity, as well as the demand for this area, it is increasingly possible to meet fraudulent projects on the market that try, guaranteeing quite promising, but absolutely not valid conditions for cooperation, to attract as many users as possible to their project and, of course, their facilities. We are talking about a project called FTX, which presents its service as a successful, as well as a professional cryptocurrency exchange, putting its project on the same level with quite popular as well as reputable sites, and moments even higher than them. This approach of the company speaks far from the professionalism of the platform, but rather about its desire to stand out from the crowd and attract more attention from naive and gullible customers, without even banal grounds for calling its platform professional and reliable.           FTX contacts

On its site, the office has placed not so many options in order to contact it or its representatives. All that is available to users - email address Email address is being protected from spambots. Javascript must be enabled in your browser to view the address, where traders can write if necessary and find out all the details they are interested in. Also, the company left several links to its social networks and instant messengers, where traders can communicate with representatives of the site and other clients, exchanging experience.

Site review ftx.com

As its site, the presented office uses a fairly simple and template web resource that does not have the most convenient interface, as well as a rather simple design as a whole, which does not correspond to the description provided by this site, since for a really high-quality and professional service, an appropriate appearance is required which is actually far from ideal. As for the informativeness of the presented site, it also leaves much to be desired, since all the available data is rather superficial and does not allow traders to fully assess the whole situation that is happening on the trading platform, and also to understand whether it is really worth cooperating with an office like FTX.

FTX FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money

FTX broker conditions

Since, as we mentioned earlier, the platform does not have the most detailed description of trading functions and capabilities, it is possible to compile only a fairly small list of the office’s offers that are available to clients:

  • availability of a convenient mobile application for any operating systems;
  • a fully automated trading environment that allows you to achieve maximum efficiency as well as efficiency;
  • the presence of an experienced, as well as professional staff of the presented site, in the person of successful analysts, as well as market traders;
  • an abundance of available trading markets: futures, stocks, tokens and much more;
  • the company has its own reliable and secure payment processor;
  • the ability to receive rewards by staking digital assets;
  • round-the-clock access to the trading platform, as well as to all available trading opportunities;
  • multilevel referral program;
  • the presence of a VIP program that will allow you to get privileges for a separate caste of traders;
  • the presence of a trader's calculator, thanks to which it is possible to calculate further profits.

 Exposing FTX

Since the presented brokerage project has quite a few quite promising offers for users, it may seem that it really is a completely professional and high-quality service, but in reality, this project has no real reason to call itself such, as it receives more and more negative feedback. in his address, which may serve as a sufficient reason to believe that FTX scam and scamwhich is dangerous to trust. One of the confirmations of the above fact, which is quite logical, can be FTX office reviews, in which the ex-clients of the presented platform repeatedly mention its significant shortcomings, ranging from the negligence of the office staff to their complete incompetence in relation to their business. Also, mentioning all the FTX statements about its reliability and transparency, it is worth paying attention to the real age of the company represented, which is only one month, because, according to the domain name, this project began to function only on 11/17/2021. This provision can tell a lot about the real intentions and amount of deception on the part of the brokerage service.

How to withdraw money from FTX

Despite the fact that the company guarantees a stable profit, this does not mean that it has traders in mind, since the office FTX is not withdrawing money, appropriating all investments of clients to itself, thus ensuring its continued existence, at the expense of naive and gullible traders, therefore, to say anything about the reliability of this platform, and even more so its profitability, is stupid, as well as without any guarantees to trust it with your funds.       


The office is trying by all possible means to attract as many clients as possible to its site, who would later become its financial support, and the only one, since it has no other ways to earn money, due to the lack of any access to real markets. Studying previous reviews on the be-top.org website, you can see a lot of such platforms with identical algorithms of actions and even design, therefore it is difficult to talk about the uniqueness of the presented platform, as well as its reliability, due to the lack of legal documents confirming, at a minimum, the fact of its existence. Considering all the provisions mentioned earlier, we strongly do not recommend cooperating with the hero of our today's article, because you will not get any positive results in the end, but losses and debts will become quite common.    

Possibility withdraw money with "FTX" not confirmed.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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