Forex swindler Cymazel, customer reviews, money withdrawal

Forex swindler Cymazel, customer reviews, money withdrawal

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As you know, there is simply a huge number of rather revealing fraudulent projects on the market that demonstrate their insides as clearly as possible and prove the previously mentioned phenomenon, a number of such sites can also include an office called Cymazel, which has recently begun its activities, but already declares itself as the highest quality, efficient and quite profitable broker, able to provide users with all the necessary tools and functions that could positively affect the further trading activities of traders. It is in this way that the Cymazel platform attracts the attention of naive customers and future victims in one person, trying by all means and methods to significantly exaggerate its significance in the market, as well as justify all its fraudulent actions. We will talk about them in this article, but first you should turn your attention to a number of more basic and indicative facts that will allow you to deal with all the main features of the functioning of this service.

Cymazel Contacts

  • Company Location: 60 Threadneedle St, London EC2R 8HP, United Kingdom
  • Support Email: Email address is being protected from spambots. Javascript must be enabled in your browser to view the address.
  • Also in this section on the site there is a fairly standard feedback form, thanks to which users have the opportunity to contact the project staff and find out a number of questions of interest to them.

Website overview

Since the company initially declared its professionalism and credibility, it is quite logical to expect from it an appropriate presentation and description of its activities. In reality, all that this site presents to its customers is a rather template one-page resource that is not able to fully reveal all the basics of the functioning of this project and does not at all specify the opportunities and services that will actually be presented to users, which says about the obvious illiteracy and absolute incompetence of this site, as well as the fact that the project Cymazel scammer and a broker completely unprepared for real trading activities.

Cymazel Broker Terms

  • a fairly convenient trading service with the simplest algorithm for its management, as well as a fairly elementary process of its installation;
  • Users will be supported on an ongoing basis by experienced as well as competent professionals from the economic environment;
  • the company provides its users with free access to the stock market, currency pairs, indices, cryptocurrencies and other popular assets;
  • affordable copying of successful user transactions;
  • availability of both general and individual advice to traders;
  • users are presented with more than 200 popular trading instruments, the list of which includes both an economic calendar and a profitability calculator;
  • the presence of a choice of several payment systems at once;
  • affordable basic training, which includes various kinds of electronic materials, webinars and other educational opportunities;
  • fairly loyal commissions;
  • no hidden fees;
  • open access to several trading accounts, thanks to which clients will significantly improve their trading level, as well as systematize all the functions and opportunities presented to them.

Cymazel exposure

Firstly, it is quite important to pay attention to a number of extremely negative reviews about this project, which contain a fairly large number of obvious shortcomings of this service. For example, leaving Cymazel reviews, users have repeatedly stated that the terminal of this service is so unprepared, extremely illiterate staff, absolutely ineffective tools, consisting mainly of purely decorative features, as well as deliberately high commissions that leave customers literally without profit.

Secondly, one should also focus on the fact that the company, presenting in the footer of its site a fairly extensive list of various legal provisions such as the Client Agreement and the Privacy Policy, contains a number of pitfalls in the form of ambiguities, which in the future, when any conflict situation, will help the platform shift the responsibility onto the shoulders of the users themselves and avoid any punishment for their actions.

How to withdraw money from Cymazel

Since this platform from the very beginning shows a clear disinterest of its customers in getting the appropriate profit, and also does not allow customers to use all the functions and capabilities presented to them in the right way, it is quite obvious that the project Cymazel does not withdraw money and hardly ever intended to do so.


Analyzing all those provisions that were mentioned in this review, as well as pointing out the rather revealing fraudulent aspects of this site, such as, for example, constant cooperation with a number of obvious scammers, whose activities have already become the subject of reviews on the website more than once, We recommend that you reconsider your decision regarding further cooperation with this project and any of its analogues, since such interaction will not end in anything positive.

Possibility withdraw money with "Cymazel" not confirmed.


Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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