FastStocks Reviews – trade faststocks net

FastStocks Reviews – trade faststocks net

FastStocks is a broker with which we strongly discourage cooperation.

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FastStocks broker reviews

Website address:

+377 99 21 26 32

Technical part of FastStocks:

FastStocks is a broker whose roots are in Monaco. He has all the necessary documents that show the seriousness of the project. Before starting work, FastStocks was registered and received a license.

After that, he began to offer his services to a large trading audience. They appreciated the quality of the project, FastStocks grew, began to grow, offering services in other countries.

FastStocks has the right to work everywhere. It is famous, has many awards, traders choose it for its efficiency and the ability to use comfortable leverage. We also note that FastStocks offers the most comfortable conditions that competitors do not have.

FastStocks also offers 24/7 support to users, the ability to invest any amount, trade in real time, high quality of service when the platform works without errors and bugs, when it does not lag, and transactions are not delayed, also the commissions are minimal, and in some operations there are commission fees. are not going to. The project trades a wide range of liquidity providers.

All products help to create the best loan portfolio, and there is also an opportunity to consult with the best specialists who have been trading for a very long time. You can see the standard list of trading accounts.

Trading account Beginner becomes available from $500, Experienced - from $25,000, Professional - from $50,000. Replenish accounts in any convenient way. For more convenience, users can download the application. It is optimized, clear interface.

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The project site itself is anonymous in terms of the fact that in order to familiarize yourself with the conditions, you need to register. When you go to the main page of the site, there is only a form for filling in personal data. And after registration, you can learn more about the project.

FastStocks Reviews – trade faststocks net

Exposing FastStocks:

The company offers profitable bankruptcy to those who did not know where to put their money. If you do not want to invest them in a profitable business, then you can always give them to scammers. This is what will allow you to easily part with blood and wood. The company has all the prerequisites to competently manage your money, the fate of which will then be known nothing.

The broker's website is terrible. As if the main page is closed, which does not allow you to familiarize yourself with the offers. Such data entry is done with the aim of simply collecting information from the audience, in order to then sell it to other scammers.

It’s just not clear why it was necessary to encrypt like that, if there are a lot of people who are ready to give away their money even without such confidentiality.

The project is deceiving about its legal basis. The project came up with a standard story about itself, after which the number of users should increase. But the broker does not have a registration, a license. Moreover, he cannot work on the territory of the Russian Federation, because the Central Bank of the Russian Federation did not issue a permit for this activity.

The project is not going to perform its services, as stated in the user agreement. All this should be perceived as entertainment.

Feedback about the project:

Users noted that they deposited money, selected an account, but could not receive income because money was being drained. Accounts are always in the red, there is no clear information where the funds disappear. Support is not working.


FastStocks is a scam!

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