Exboard FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money

Exboard FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money

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The site, which we will talk about in today's review, is a fairly popular fraudulent brokerage project, of which, unfortunately, according to the be-top.org website and its abundant content of such reviews, there are quite a few. The Exboard service, which will be discussed, is trying to convince users that cooperation with it is exactly what can bring the expected profit and maximum benefit, but in reality, this project forgets about its promises and brazenly robs its customers by inventing a huge amount of excuses to keep their trust and try to drain as much money as they can. This is exactly what the algorithm of the Exboard office looks like, which naive and gullible users do not always have the opportunity to consider in more detail and understand that they are facing an impudent swindler and swindler.        Exboard company contacts

Considering that instead of a full-fledged resource, the office provided a one-page cheap banner with a minimum of necessary information, it is obvious that the provided service did not mention any contact information and, apparently, is also not going to add this information to its under-site in the future. 

Site review exboard.liveAs we mentioned earlier, the presented company did not allocate the necessary amount of time or resources to create their site, so in the end, customers are content with one page with the most miserable design, translation into Russian and English, it is not clear why, and two active links to registration forms , as well as the entrance to the site. All this only adds confidence that the company Exboard scammer and scammerwho does not even closely understand the meaning of such a concept as professionalism, as well as quality.           Exboard Broker Conditions

Having studied Exboard company reviews, you can make the following kind of list of features and functions available to customers from the company that Exboard guarantees:

  • availability of a convenient and most elementary in understanding trading platform;
  • rich professional tools;
  • universal filling of trading accounts;
  • the presence of additional useful tools, namely the economic calendar, as well as the profitability calculator;
  • a systematically updated news feed that allows you to track all changes in the market;
  • the following list of trading assets is available to clients, namely: stocks, indices, bonds, cryptocurrency, currency pairs, raw materials, goods and others;
  • the presence of a several-level referral program that allows you to start earning even without investing funds;
  • all the necessary marketing tools and resources for affiliate program participants;
  • minimum commissions;
  • tight spreads;
  • fully automated principle of operation of the trading platform;
  • availability of round-the-clock assistance from the best specialists in this field;
  • an extensive trading glossary, which mentions all the most popular and necessary trading terms for learning;
  • a fairly wide selection of all available payment services;
  • fast and simple registration procedure.


Exposure of Exboard

Despite the stubborn desire of this service to appear to be a successful and popular project, in fact, this site only makes it even more similar with such cheap attempts to establish the idea that Exboard is completely unfamiliar with the real market and does not understand how and what a really successful one should offer, as well as a popular brokerage service. In order to prove these provisions, it is enough to take into account a few points. Firstly, the fact that the office did not provide a single authentic document, namely a license or certificate, which would prove not only its reliability and transparency, but also its legality , which is quite important, both for a financial project that is directly related to investing funds. It is also quite important to note that the office began its activities, according to its domain, only on 02/05/2022, that is, only half a year ago, but despite to this, Exboard already attributes to itself a huge number of awards and achievements that it simply physically could not receive, not to mention the absence of all those components that are necessary for them.     


How to withdraw money from Exboard

According to all the previously mentioned provisions, it is quite obvious and expected that the project Exboard not withdrawing money, since this is simply not included in his plans and will leave the office with empty pockets in the end.                                                                           


If we analyze everything that we mentioned in this article, we can consider the real essence of this service, as well as all its obvious shortcomings, which are guaranteed to affect the overall final indicators of the client and lead him to quite tangible losses.        


Possibility withdraw money with "Exboard" not confirmed.


Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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