ERDA Corp FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money

ERDA Corp FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money

Since trading attracts just a huge number of clients who want to improve their financial situation, it is not surprising that fraudulent companies are also interested in it, since its popularity is spreading not only among already professional traders, but also rather naive, as well as gullible clients, who are ideal options for most scammers, since their pliability can play into the hands and further provide the scammers with the means necessary for their continued existence. In this article, we will talk about another scammer who started his activity not so long ago, but is already confidently talking about what is quite popular and recognizable in the market, and is also able to create the most secure and profitable environment for its users without raising this level of commissions, as well as setting the most loyal amounts for investment. It would seem that there can be no more ideal option for clients, especially just novice traders, but there is one significant disadvantage, which is that the office ERDA Corp scammer and a scam that is trying with all its might to seize the funds of its users, while creating a beautiful imitation of their real earnings.        Contacts of ERDA Corp

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  • The legal address of this service: Cyprus, Apostolou Pavlou Ave 8, Paphos 8046
  • Contact phone number: +357 26 917540
  • Support Email: Email address is being protected from spambots. Javascript must be enabled in your browser to view the address.
  • This section also contains a feedback form, which allows you to get in direct contact with representatives of the mentioned project.

Website review erda-corp.coAlthough this service tries to convince its users of its professionalism and quality, it is not very successful, since its own web resource looks like the site of some cheap and absolutely untrustworthy betting service that does not have an appropriate budget for the use of the services of relevant specialists, as well as the one who created his resource literally on his knee using the most common template among other scammers. It is this first impression that the mentioned project creates as soon as its website is opened.          Broker conditions ERDA Corp

  • the office provides its clients with access to an abundance of the most popular, as well as profitable markets, ranging from stocks and indices to raw materials, as well as metals;
  • systematic customer support by experienced and professional trade specialists;
  • no overpriced commissions;
  • this project provided its users with a choice of 3 available trading accounts, ranging from the most minimal one with rather primitive content for still novice users, ending with a professional one with the most high-quality and effective tools and functions;
  • a fully automated trading terminal that allows you to quickly and efficiently process various kinds of trade transactions;
  • the minimum amount to start the trading process is only 150$;
  • the presence of a fairly extensive loyalty program;
  • leverage 1:500;
  • affordable professional analytics;
  • a huge number of bonuses for the most active customers;
  • no hidden fees;
  • the company provides various programs for the protection and insurance of user investments;
  • an accessible economic calendar, as well as a profitability calculator;
  • a fairly extensive news feed that allows you to stay up to date with the latest market events.      

ERDA Corp FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money


Exposing ERDA Corp

Since in almost all actions directed towards users one can notice an abundance of fraudulent signs of this project, it is not difficult to find the answer to this question. To do this, you will need to pay attention to a number of the following, quite indicative aspects of the activities of this project: Firstly, the reputation of this project is quite important, and more specifically, Premium Base Fx company reviews, since it is in them that various shortcomings and obvious weaknesses of this project are described on an ongoing basis. These, in particular, include an extremely cheap and absolutely unprofessional trading terminal, which consists of beautiful illusions of successful earnings, but no more, as well as rather incompetent and absolutely illiterate user support, which consists of supposedly absolutely illiterate trading specialists areas, but in fact scammers who are not even versed in trade terminology. Secondly, it would also not be superfluous to mention the legal location of this service, or rather the address that was previously presented to them. More specifically, a dozen more similar fraudulent sites have been registered at the mentioned location, which have already been mentioned more than once on the website, which raises doubts, as well as many questions about the real transparency and legality of this project. In addition, it is also important to emphasize that there is no mention of any legal platform on the maps, only a company specializing in software development that has nothing to do with the hero of today's article is located at this address.     


How to withdraw money from ERDA Corp

Based on a large number of rather obvious indicators of fraud of this project, as well as pointing out the extremely negative experience of cooperation with it by its ex-clients, including their unprofitable trading results, it is quite obvious that the project Premium Base Fx does not withdraw money, trying his best to convince his customers of the opposite and ingratiate himself with them.                                                                           


Analyzing all the provisions that were mentioned in this article, in particular paying attention to the incompetence and inexperience of the specified service, since it began its activities only a few months ago, we strongly recommend that you seek help in mediation from more experienced, as well as real high-quality platforms, which Premium Base Fx is still very, very far away from.           


Possibility withdraw money with ERDA-Corp not confirmed.


Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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