Enerixinvest SCAM reviews withdraw money

Enerixinvest SCAM reviews withdraw money

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

If you want to provide yourself with a constant income, then join our team, with these words Enerixinvest attracts new customers. You will learn about other benefits and conditions of cooperation when you complete the registration procedure. Tempting isn't it? We would not advise jumping to conclusions, there is still a lot to check.                                   

Enerixinvest contacts

The feedback form is the only option for contacting the control.  

Site review enerixinvest.co

Employees present themselves very well, assuring investors that their office belongs to an innovative broker, allowing clients to make a considerable profit from financial markets. The site of our hero was published only 167 days. We wanted to study the documents (license, legal data), but we did not find anything, therefore, not everything is as reliable and profitable as the employees said at the beginning. There are many beautiful phrases without confirmation, most likely the scammers were counting on a simpleton, so they wrote the site more for filling. It is no secret that the statistics are also fake, as it turned out, when checked: over 150 active users, more than 67 million transactions are performed annually, the turnover of trades per month exceeds the bar of more than 34 million, the total amount of transactions is more than 420. The project is not popular, oh few people have heard of its existence, because it is not surprising that it recently appeared on the market.                                        
 Enerixinvest broker conditions 

First-class trading conditions: tight spread, high-quality support, financial tools for market sentiment and asset analysis, leverage from 1:1 to 1:100, deposits and withdrawals from the account have a commission0% (excluding your bank commissions), accounts are safe on banking level, CFD contracts for commodities, stocks, indices, currency pairs, order execution from 14ms, negative balance protection, use of trading strategies without restrictions. Accounts of such a plan are offered: mini 250 dollars, leverage 1:10; standard $2500, tight spreads, leverage 1:30; classic $5,000, tight spreads, leverage 1:50; VIP $10,000, tight spreads, leverage 1:100.          

Exposure of Enerixinvest

The employees did not acquire documents, they decided to add world fame to themselves with a number of first-class advantages, but their whole trouble is that after a thorough check, we managed to find out that they were fake. Who is the author of the project, who else works in it is unclear, the data is classified. Such anonymity is not an indicator of transparent activity. There is no document for the business, plus the Central Bank of our hero included in the list of black brokers, the office works against the law and not for the benefit of clients. Reviews about Enerixinvest negative content, many complaints regarding non-withdrawal of money. They are masters at how to lay out the trading process better so that you look at it positively and agree to work. Trading cannot be profitable, since there are complaints and facts about non-withdrawal of funds, then it is pointless to think about working with this organization. Fraudsters are still those psychologists, under various pretexts, they will be able to “seize” the funds from you that you personally transfer to them. It costs them nothing to wrap you around their finger. A very common scheme of fraudulent offices that rob civilians for money, lying on the go about profitable investments. More information about them is collected on the site 1top.pro.      

How to withdraw money from Enerixinvest

By telling more noodles to clients about their first-class work, they receive the coveted profit from dupes, which are quickly transferred to their offshore accounts. Company Enerixinvest does not withdraw money.                          


Company Enerixinvest scam, with such a completely obvious phrase, we would like to finish the story about the activities of this hero, who is not trusted by all clients, both experienced and uneducated.               

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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