EASTSCOTINVEST FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money

EASTSCOTINVEST FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money

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There are more and more brokerage platforms that create beautiful illusions instead of actually providing the promised services, which has a rather negative effect on the overall level of trading and creates quite a few problems in the process of selecting the ideal intermediary on the market, since there is a chance to meet another swindler, which dozens can prove reviews on be-top.org is getting better every time. In today's article, we will look at the activities of a company called EASTSCOTINVEST, which provides clients with the opportunity to earn professionally by trading and investing in various financial markets. Although, it would be more correct to say that she only promises to provide services in this area, because in fact, all that this service does is quietly and carefully rob its customers, while they, being confident in the prospects of such cooperation, invest their money without a second thought in all proposals of this project.         Company contacts EASTSCOTINVEST

  • Company registered office: 204 Buxton Road, Macclesfield, Cheshire, United Kingdom, SK10 1N
  • Phone number : +7 499 3705 827
  • Email address: Email address is being protected from spambots. Javascript must be enabled in your browser to view the address.

Website review eastscotinvest.co.ukIt is rather difficult to call the presented web resource of the company unique or professional. Although it has, at first glance, an attractive and eye-pleasing design, the information that is presented here covers absolutely all the advantages of appearance. The thing is that the office provides extremely superficial and banal data that does not give a concrete understanding of how the site works and what are the principles of cooperation with this service, which only once again makes one wonder if the company really has at least some relationship to such concepts as quality and professionalism.            Broker conditions EASTSCOTINVEST

  • convenient and fully automated trading platform, which allows you to quickly and without unnecessary delays to execute certain trading operations;
  • specialized and highest quality user support;
  • the office focuses its attention on CFD trading;
  • the minimum deposit is $250;
  • the minimum profit is $90;
  • the office provides a fairly extensive selection of available services for withdrawing funds without any hidden conditions;
  • the versatility and mobility of the trading platform allows the trading process to be carried out in any convenient place and at any time convenient for customers;
  • the office guarantees profit up to 200%;
  • the presence of more than 250 of the most popular assets ranging from stocks to metals, as well as indices;
  • an affordable opportunity to predict your future profit thanks to the profitability calculator;
  • accessible economic calendar;
  • only 3 step registration procedure;
  • availability of verification to ensure maximum protection of clients;
  • affordable multi-level referral program;
  • the presence of 4 investment plans designed for different levels of training of clients and their volume of the trading process;
  • leverage 1:200;
  • floating spreads;
  • minimum commissions.  



Despite the company's rather persistent attempts to prove its reliability and quality, it nevertheless shows by a number of its actions that it has exclusively negative intentions and is not really a reliable and promising service, as it wants to seem. Speaking about whether this project can be trusted, it is worth pointing out that EASTSCOTINVEST scammer and scammer, which does not have the most positive reputation, which makes it quite clear what exactly this scammer is. More specifically, leaving company reviews EASTSCOTINVEST, users complain about a rather extensive list of various shortcomings, ranging from poor-quality service to rather poor technical preparation for the operation of the trading platform, which constantly hangs and does not process certain operations on time, which, in combination, simply cannot but affect the overall the result ultimately received by users. Also, not the best, as well as the professional training of the company in legal terms, should be mentioned, since it did not provide its users with either a license or a certificate as proof of its legality, which is critically important, and this may well mean that the actions of this project are not laws and trusting this broker with your funds and even personal information can be extremely dangerous.     


How to withdraw money from EASTSCOTINVEST

Given all the "promising" intentions of the presented project, it is likely that the office EASTSCOTINVEST does not withdraw money, since there was not a single client who was satisfied with this cooperation, and also presented all his positive trading results, including profit, in confirmation of this.                                                                            


Based on all the previously mentioned provisions, including a rather negative one, we recommend that you be more careful and wise about the process of choosing an intermediary in the market, because, as we mentioned earlier, the percentage of meeting an office similar to EASTSCOTINVEST is quite high, as well as staying with empty pockets, as well as a huge amount of wasted time.         


Possibility withdraw money with EASTSCOTINVEST not confirmed.


Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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