Dutch Rate brokerage company reviews

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Dutch Rate (dutchrate.com) is a European brokerage platform that provides favorable conditions for cooperation. The project has been running for more than a year and is actively inviting Russians for cooperation. The site itself raises big doubts about the reliability, and that this is a real brokerage company. Now many scammers create pseudo-brokerage projects, appropriate the money of depositors. Our Dutch Rate check confirmed that this project is a common scam. It is advisable to carefully read the check so as not to become victims of crooks.

Overview of the brokerage site

There is little information about the company on the Dutch Rate official website. It is said that brokerage services are provided at the highest level. In 2021, the company received an international award as the best broker in the world. Clients are offered comfortable and favorable trading conditions. The minimum deposit to start is $500. Registration takes place in a few clicks. Therefore, you can easily become a new client of the company and start trading on world markets.

Dutch Rate brokerage company reviews

Professional analysts at Dutch Rate are ready to help beginners build future investment portfolios. Thus, reduce trading risks, increase profits. Loyal customers expect profitable bonuses and special offers. This is why many people only want to trade with the Dutch Rate.

Broker check

The Dutch Rate project is over a year old, but there is little real information about it on the Internet. It looks like it just showed up. When checking the awards, it turned out that this was a lie. This broker has never received any international awards. As always, everything is anonymous and there is no information about the project leaders. To summarize, we have the usual template scam. Similar projects systematically appear on the Internet.

To become a client of the company, you must agree to the rules of the project. If you check the site in detail, then in fact they are not. There is only a high risk warning. Thus, Dutch Rate representatives can block the client's account at any time and return nothing. They will simply accuse of violating the rules, which in fact do not exist. So it is better not to transfer your money to unknown persons.

There is no legal information on the Dutch Rate website. It turns out that this is an ordinary site, and not a project of a real broker. If there is no registration as a company, then accordingly there are no licenses for brokerage activities. Thus, no one will provide access to the real market. Clients will trade exclusively in the simulator. It turns out that project administrators can change quotes at any time, draw trading accounts, and so on.

Dutch Rate brokerage company reviews

If you think that you will not be deceived by the Dutch Rate, you are wrong. This is an anonymous group of scammers who constantly creates such projects. Scammers with extensive experience already know how to make sure that the client constantly invests money. Even force him to take out a loan for a new deposit. Dutch Rate will constantly ask you for new deposits. To do this, they will come up with various situations. This will happen until you yourself realize that you have fallen for the next scammers. Unfortunately, but you will not be able to return your money in any way, since scammers never return them.


There are already a lot of real reviews about this office on the Internet. Many people have lost their money, believing in an easy opportunity to earn money. According to general reviews, it can be understood that people transferred $800 to scammers on average. None of the victims was ever able to get their deposits back.


Dutch Rate is another fictitious brokerage site. The project was created to deceive gullible people. No one will help you earn real money. The main reasons for distrust of the project: lack of legal registration, no licenses from regulators, everything is anonymous. Fraudsters deceive people and appropriate all deposits, do not return anything. Therefore, it is best not to cooperate with Dutch Rate.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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