Dr Trade - new crooks on the web

Dr Trade - new crooks on the web

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There are more fake brokers on the web now than honest intermediary companies, so trailers should not lose their caution and vigilance for a minute, because they run the risk of becoming a victim of fraud. It must be clearly remembered that all stockbrokers will talk about their impeccability and transparent work, but this will only be a beautiful trick to lure money away, therefore, it is clearly not worth starting cooperation without checking the age of the office, its documents and reputation on the network.

A striking example of a typical brokerage scam that has recently appeared on the net is Dr Trade, which claims to be a reputable stock trader with good prospects for cooperation. The Dr Trade scam does not have registration and regulation, although it confidently talks about the opposite, and taking this into account, cooperation with these crooks should beware.

Basic information about the company and customer service

Having become acquainted with the site of the exchange trader in question and his work, it can be noted that the resource looks rather cheap and unremarkable, but almost a million offers have been printed here. As Dr Trade's review shows, the company offers portfolio investment or active trading. Specialists help to form portfolios using the most profitable assets, and provide the best environment for active trading.

Dr Trade - new crooks on the web

The firm assures that it serves users transparently and has received many industry awards, even here clients are told that they will be able to trade in commodities, precious metals, currency pairs, indices and cryptocurrencies. The best analysts of the dealing center will provide users with the necessary information, and traders and investors will also be able to read the latest news on a regular basis.

Dr Trade - new crooks on the web

Users are allowed to work from computers and mobile gadgets by installing the MT5 terminal on the required device. The exchange trader also offers the service of copying trading transactions, which will be the best solution for beginners who do not have self-confidence. Complete security and confidentiality for each client within the system is guaranteed, and the office is ready to withdraw funds from Dr Trade as quickly as possible and with small commissions.

As for the main conditions for active trading on the Dr Trade website, they are as follows:

  • allowed to use the scalping strategy;
  • dividend and economic calendars are available for round-the-clock use by every trader;
  • the initial deposit for an active trader account is $300;
  • the company allows clients to work with leverage, its size is up to 1:1000;
  • the margin call level set by the firm reaches 80%;
  • the spread in the course of trading, the company proposes to use floating;
  • for trading, you can choose from 662 currencies, 14 stock indices, 3399 popular stocks, 684 exchange-traded funds, 69 cryptocurrencies, 3 energy products, 6 metals;
  • the execution of trade transactions at the exchange trader is market;
  • The firm's commissions are in the range of $0-$5.

Yes, all these proposals sound beautiful and attractive, and the company ascribes a rather high status to itself, only there are no reviews about Dr Trade, there is zero activity on social networks of the office’s subscribers, there are practically no visitors on the site either, which does not allow trusting the beautiful fairy tales of this company .

Why you shouldn't work with Dr Trade office?

Having fully checked and analyzed this exchange trader, we can draw confident conclusions that Dr Trade are deceivers and indicate the following real facts:

Dr Trade - new crooks on the web

  • the real return of the office is 4 months, but she is credited with great experience and globality;
  • data about the head and employees of the company, as well as their photos, are completely fake;
  • the company talks about the period of obtaining the status of a reliable broker, when it did not exist yet;
  • the office indicated on the site an address that is partially correct, it does not have real offices, and other scammers also use the same details;

Dr Trade - new crooks on the web

  • in the agreement, the registration and license numbers match, but these data are not authentic anyway, because the office is a complete illegal worker working illegally;
  • the company signed an agreement with pitfalls and gave itself the right to write off any problems as force majeure, without paying anything to traders.

In general, this office is a typical scam without documents, it was priced at 0 rubles on the site, which is a sign of cheap, stereotyped swindlers focused only on appropriating other people's money.

Dr Trade - new crooks on the web

Such scams are churned out on the net in batches, and then successfully closed after collecting negative reviews, so you should not trust your money to crooks who loudly promise mountains of gold without real evidence that it works.

Office website and its data

In the course of getting to know the office and studying the real principles of its work, you can understand that it is only set up to cheat and steal other people's finances. As for the resource where the office operates, the review of the official website of Dr Trade allowed to find out the following information:

Dr Trade - new crooks on the web

  • address of the resource in the network - https://drtrade.online/;
  • data on the launch time of the sharashka office - the resource began to work in 2022 on April 18;
  • information about the owner of the fraudulent project - registration of crooks is private;
  • communication with traders and contacts - on the website of the office, users can find a feedback form, there are also links to pages on social networks, phone number +97142783523, business club office address - A-0024-317 - Flamingo Villas, Ajman, contact email [email protected], [email protected]

Although the office presented a lot of contacts, there is no high-quality feedback here, since the scammers clearly have no desire to listen to claims addressed to them.

Dr Trade - new crooks on the web

Dr Trade Broker Reviews

There are no reviews on Dr Trade yet, because the scam started working only a couple of months ago. Although there are no reviews, after checking the agreement and registration data of the company, you can understand that it is fraudulent and brazenly deceives users by throwing them for money. This scam project was created for a brazen robbery and nothing more, it is categorically not worth having something in common with it.

List of sources used

In the process of writing this article, information was used from the official website of the company in question, additional information was obtained from the sites vklader com, www cysec gov cy, www cbr ru, www fca org uk, facebook com, www google com.

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