Dr Trade FRAUD reviews and withdrawals

Dr Trade FRAUD reviews and withdrawals

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

More and more new projects appear in the financial industry that offer their services at the highest possible level, creating an ideal trading environment for users and developing their potential with maximum benefit and profit. The hero of our today's article, a service called Dr Trade, which has not been operating for such a long period of time, has already become a rather negative character in a number of responses from its ex-users, where they negatively assess cooperation with this office and present their far from the most satisfactory results, which, according to a number of reviews on be-top.org, are mostly fraudulent projects. It is on their basis that we will evaluate the activities of the Dr Trade office, but for a start, it is worth, in principle, to get acquainted with all its subtleties.        Dr Trade Contacts

Email address: Email address is being protected from spambots. Javascript must be enabled in your browser to view the address. Phone number: +97142783523 Project location: Business Club - A-0024-317 - Flamingo Villas, Ajman 

Dr Trade FRAUD reviews and withdrawals


Website review drtrade.onlineIn order to call the site available for this project a full-fledged and high-quality one, it needs to do quite a lot of professional work, which, apparently, the project decided to ignore when creating its resource, replacing it with unattractive dummies in the form of a huge amount of water, stock photos and non-working, decorative statistics as well as graphs. All this only proves the company's absolute lack of vision of how a truly influential and successful brokerage service should present itself.            Dr Trade Broker Conditions

  • clients get the opportunity to work with such popular assets as stocks, indices, metals, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and others;
  • available 24/7 user support by the best employees and staff of the office;
  • affordable consultations with the best analysts;
  • the minimum deposit is only 300$;
  • leverage can reach 1:100;
  • floating spreads;
  • a small trading glossary with the most necessary and requested services;
  • quite loyal commission fees;
  • an extensive news feed with the latest news in the financial sector;
  • the office offers its users to work with a fairly popular trading terminal called MT5;
  • a variety of trading tools that are available for both beginners and already professional users;
  • affordable scalping;
  • available dividend. as well as economic calendars.    


Exposing Dr Trade

It is absolutely not difficult to answer this question, since the company Dr Trade scammer and scammerwho independently provides by his actions the necessary amount of evidence of his non-professionalism. Firstly, this concerns its legality, and more specifically, its complete absence, since this project did not leave a single mention of whether it is regulated by any office or not. Moreover, this project did not provide even the most banal privacy policy or feedback forms, which must be present on the website of any project of this kind. Secondly, it is worth mentioning that this office also ascribes to itself a huge amount of experience, which should make it more presentable and successful in the eyes of customers, but in fact, the domain name of the office proved that this service began its activities only at the end of April 2022 , that is, not so long ago, which means that the fabulous experience mentioned by the site is just another of her lies, which will only complement her no less fabulous legend.       


How to withdraw money from Dr Trade

As we mentioned earlier, users leave quite a few reports regarding the results of their trading activities, which are quite unprofitable, which only proves the fact that the company Dr Trade does not withdraw money, wholly and completely appropriating everything to himself.                                                                           


Given the extremely negative Dr Trade company reviews, the lack of real support from the company's staff, a practically non-functioning trading terminal, as well as a huge number of unprofitable investment proposals, we recommend saving your funds for a more reliable and profitable service, because in the case of the Dr Trade office, only disappointment and continuous losses await you.          


Possibility withdraw money with "DrTrade" not confirmed.


Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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