DemDeals SCAM reviews withdraw money

DemDeals SCAM reviews withdraw money

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When dreaming of making extra money in the market, always start by studying reviews about companies that at first promise a lot and guarantee to help you reach considerable heights in the financial market in the shortest possible time, get rich, so to speak, and for this, go through the website properly first, there about such offices sign everything in great detail and will help you focus on choosing a truly reliable organization and not fall into the network of scammers. Today we decided to introduce you to the scammer and storyteller company DemDeals, which will allow all investors who have joined it to trade currency pairs, stocks, digital assets, indices. Along with this, in addition, clients can count on a considerable range of analytical tools, the safety of their capital, the support of experienced employees, experts in this field of activity and a stable income. As you can see, a lot is promised, but for all 100% we must be sure that we will not be divorced and will not be left without money. To do this, we offer you the collected information about this project, so that you can learn more about it and decide for yourself whether it is worth investing in it and whether there is a chance to hope that all the proposals promised by the employees are actually fulfilled. Let's get started, perhaps.                                    

DemDeals Contacts

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view., the address where the Odos Agios Aristidis office is located, 9 2888 Paphos and the phone number is +3572-1113-098. 

Website overview

Employees begin information from the age of their appearance on the market and this is 2019, a trademark was registered and their own terminal was developed, and by 2020 more than 50,000 accounts were successfully opened, but only all these provisions instantly cross out the information that DemDeals company reviews did not come across, which means that we cannot guarantee you all their statements. In addition, we came across the registration of the Cyprus company, is there any doubt now that the company DemDeals scam, we think it’s not worth it, so everything is obvious. New clients without sufficient knowledge about this business will not immediately understand that they want to be thrown here, offering in return too positive offers for successful trading, namely: high-quality service and transparent trading conditions, small spreads and instant execution, the procedure for withdrawing money is hassle-free, real quotes time, negative balance protection, more than 235 instruments.                                         
 DemDeals broker conditions 

There are trading accounts: basic from $1,000, trading in crypto-currencies and precious metals; advanced, there is no threshold, but clients can count on leverage of 1:500 and deposit insurance; professional trading with enhanced trading conditions for highly efficient trading. Also, customers can use the calculator to calculate profitability.          

 Exposing DemDeals

Contacts do not correspond to reality, the address is not displayed on the maps at all, and there is no company in the public register of legal entities. Allegedly, the documents are in perfect order, there is a license and regulators (FCA, IFSC, CySEC, ASIC). But there are no registration numbers and scanned copies of certificates. We decided to double-check all these moments with the documents, is everything really in order, it turns out that neither the British, nor the Cypriot, nor other public law institutions have registered the office. The same joke is with the Central Bank, although there are not so many reviews, but the project is clearly ready to continue to cooperate with Russian clients. In order for you not to worry about your savings, the project must work according to the law, but, unfortunately, this is not planned here, it operates without a license. It’s no secret that you won’t be able to get real names and surnames, because the project works anonymously, and its leader works on the same principle, secretly.       

How to withdraw money from DemDeals

As you understand that with a scammer you will not be able to earn anything, all activities are based on lies and deceit, so we declare for all 100% that the company DemDeals does not withdraw money. These swindlers have been trusted by a lot of naive people, who are now sitting and biting their elbows, thinking how to get their savings back, but no way, the activity is illegal, so these scammers have every right, without informing you, to steal your savings for themselves, without telling you anything. words.                           


Summing up the work of the company, apart from the negative, we do not find anything positive, therefore we cannot recommend it for investment, the loss of money is obvious.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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