DALEFOX Limited: Reviews of the brokerage company

DALEFOX Limited is an international brokerage platform that provides innovative online trading solutions. Let's analyze the dalefoxlimited.com project in more detail, find out what reviews users write about the project, and can we trust it?

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The official website indicates that the company has been on the market for more than 17 years. At first, the site itself caused great doubt, since it does not look like a brokerage company project at all. Further verification only confirmed that the project is not a brokerage platform. This is the usual site of a pseudo-brokerage company. Fraudsters constantly churn out such projects to deceive gullible people. It is best to check such projects before investing your money.

Overview of the brokerage platform

Broker DALEFOX Limited was founded in 2004. The platform was founded by successful traders who clearly knew what needed to be done to create ideal conditions for trading. Therefore, at the moment, favorable conditions are provided with minimal commissions for financial transactions. Beginners are encouraged to take a little training to start trading with minimal risk.

For 17 years, dalefoxlimited.com has gained the trust of many professional traders. We developed our own trading terminal. Many additional tools are available. The opportunity to get a free consultation from professional analysts of the broker. You can trade any popular assets. The minimum deposit to start is $250.

Broker check

The DALEFOX Limited website itself raises serious doubts, so we conduct a detailed domain check. Our check showed that the project appeared only in September 2021. Up to this point, there is no information about DALEFOX Limited on the Internet at all. It turns out that the company appeared out of nowhere. The swindlers came up with a colorful legend for their scam so that gullible people believe in the possibility of making money with a real broker.

When opening a new account, first of all, you need to agree to the rules of the project. Another problem is that there is no information in Russian. Allegedly, an international broker invites everyone to cooperate, but there are no documents in other languages. If you translate the rules, then everything will become clear.

In fact, information about the big risks is provided in English. Trading rules are specially hidden so that the client makes a mistake and the administration has grounds for blocking. It turns out that the client can receive a block of an account or an account at any time without explaining the reasons. After that, they will immediately assign the money of clients. It is clear from the rules that the company is not insured, so there is no way to receive financial compensation.

The company was actually registered in the UK in 2004. But the official company has never dealt with dalefoxlimited.com. The real company has never been associated with brokerage services. It does not have any licenses from market regulators. Fraudsters simply took someone else's legal data and placed it on their scam.

DALEFOX Limited: Reviews of the brokerage company

DALEFOX Limited follow the popular pattern of deception. Through social networks with the help of fakes, they send spam about the possibility of quick earnings. They also make cold calls to existing client base. Tell people that the company can be trusted. There is an easy way to make a lot of money.

It is necessary to invest at least 100 dollars and you can easily trade on world exchanges, successfully increase your capital. When withdrawing the money earned, the client is required to make various payments for commissions, brokerage services, and so on. As soon as the client makes payments, the account is frozen until an unknown date. Thus, people lose all their money, with no way to get it back. If the client starts demanding his money, then the account itself is immediately blocked. DALEFOX Limited do not get in touch and begin to completely ignore their customers.


The project is several months old, so you can easily find all the reviews from former clients on the Internet. As expected, all clients of this office were deceived and lost their savings. Customers do not return the money, block the account. New negative reviews and reviews appear regularly accusing DALEFOX Limited of being a scam.


DALEFOX Limited is another pseudo-brokerage project. There are no real facts that would confirm the legitimate activity. Other people's legal data is taken, everything is anonymous, there are no licenses. The legend of the project is a blatant lie. There is no guarantee or possibility to get your money back. Therefore, you should not cooperate with the DALEFOX Limited scam.

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