Cryptolir: reviews about the company, overview of work, documentation and more

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Many people know firsthand about the possibility of earning with the help of cryptocurrency. But this is only possible if assets are traded on a reliable licensed platform. Cryptolir is not one of them. We came to this conclusion after analyzing the activities of the office, documents and reviews about it. Details - further. 

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Important information about the platform

“Buy cryptocurrency, sell and invest,” is how Cryptolir meets its customers. But, apart from empty advertising and promises, there are no specifics on the site as such. Rogues lie at every turn and sometimes even contradict themselves. For example, they guarantee a high level of security provided by the use of a 2FA solution, and at the same time, in the “User Agreement” they say: “The company does not guarantee or make any representations regarding the security of the service.”

The worldwide popularity and long-term activity of Cryptolir is out of the question, since the domain was registered only in January of this year.

Cryptolir: reviews about the company, overview of work, documentation and more

The first mentions of the office on the Web and reviews about it also date back to 2022. This is confirmed by the service.

Cryptolir: reviews about the company, overview of work, documentation and more

The breeders claim that the site belongs to the British organization Crypto Arby Trade Limited. We found it in the official registry, but it turned out that it has nothing to do with Cryptolir. She is engaged in financial management and has nothing to do with exchange and investment services.

Cryptolir: reviews about the company, overview of work, documentation and more

In the “Contacts” section, the crooks provided only a feedback form. That is, you cannot call them in case of questions - they contact the user only when they themselves consider it necessary.

Permits and internal documents

Companies operating in the financial market must be licensed by regulators. Cryptolir is silent about them. We checked if there is an office in the FCA registry and got a negative result. 

Cryptolir: reviews about the company, overview of work, documentation and more

In the database of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, this office cannot be by default, since the cryptocurrency market in Russia is not regulated. Therefore, you should not be under any illusions and try to make money with Cryptolir. The crooks will rob you and will not bear any responsibility for this, since the interests of their clients are not protected at the legislative level.

Separately, we stopped at the internal documentation of this “kitchen”. Breeders declare that they have the right to:

  • freeze a client account;
  • refuse to execute the “Client Agreement” unilaterally;
  • suspend or terminate the performance of any functions, the operation of the site without prior notice;
  • block clients' access to the platform, account without explanation.

That is, all their guarantees are empty words.

Cryptolir Offers

Representatives of the office make profitable trading and investment offers to users:

  • zero commission for market makers;
  • passive income (up to 420% per annum);
  • trading and investing in BTC, ETH, LTC;
  • analytics, technical analysis, market screener;
  • cross-rates, etc.

Reviews from real users

Everything that the charlatans offer and promise is pure lies, and the comments of deceived customers confirm this. We did not find a single positive review about the sharaga on the Web, since it “processes” everyone according to the standard scenario. 

Cryptolir: reviews about the company, overview of work, documentation and more

Divorce scheme used by Cryptolir

Before starting to extort money from their victim, the crooks suggest to her that big earnings on the site are real if their recommendations are strictly followed. On their advice, the user deposits the minimum amount and conducts successful transactions. For the first time, they strongly do not recommend withdrawing money, since this allegedly can nullify all his work. 

After the balance increases to $700+, the fun begins. The manager sends a screenshot of the “Agreement” item, which says that customers with a balance of more than $ 700 must activate the premium status. Otherwise, their account will be frozen. But to activate it, you need to deposit at least a few thousand dollars (judging by the reviews, an average of 5-7). You also need to pay an insurance premium at the same time. 

The user clearly follows all the recommendations, but understands that he has become a victim of scammers only when he sends a withdrawal request. First, he receives a message with a request to go through the verification procedure. At the same time, managers begin to find fault with every detail so as not to verify it and, for this reason, prevent the transaction from being completed. 

Judging by the reviews, in some cases, scammers simply freeze the account due to the user's illegal actions or just like that, without prior notice.


It is up to you to decide whether to cooperate with Cryptolir, but the obvious facts that we have considered in the review speak for themselves. Breeders work without licenses, operate with false information and, judging by the reviews, have a disgusting reputation. Therefore, it is better not to contact them under any pretext.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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