COPYDEAL: reviews of a dubious company. Paying?

Review and real reviews about COPYDEAL ( is a project with which even absolute beginners can earn money in the financial markets. Actually, this site is focused on them. Naturally, in order to breed them.

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Official site:
Legal address: none
Phone number: none
Email: [email protected]

Project description

As such, there is no description of the essence of the project here. All we know is that COPYDEAL is a social trading service. You must remember once and for all that no "social trading" exists in nature. In this case, sociality means that the project seems to be aimed at ordinary citizens who do not understand anything about trading and do not have enough capital to trade on proven sites.

But this is a utopia. Learn or save money, what else is social trading? Besides, COPYDEAL is nothing at all. They say that this is a registered trademark owned by a certain TSB company, they even give a link to its website. But upon transition, we see that the site is already blocked! Apparently, for honest work, yeah.

No licenses, no documents, no permits - nothing. Not even contact information. Complete anonymity. How can one get involved with such projects?

Trading conditions

There is such a thing as trading accounts here, but in fact these are ready-made transactions that we must copy. More precisely, they will be copied automatically.

In other words, you simply choose the type of transaction, deposit the required amount, and then receive the promised profit. You seem to be getting. And you can earn hundreds of times more than you originally invested. In general, a paradise for naive beginners.

COPYDEAL: reviews of a dubious company. Paying?

And you can start with just five dollars. Accordingly, this once again confirms the obvious fact that this service focuses purely on beginners and those who do not understand anything.

If we talk about reviews about COPYDEAL, then they are, of course, negative. People complain that all these transactions do not bring any profit, the project shows clear signs of fraud and works only to swindle us for money.


It is very difficult to find any advantage in a project that was created only for fraudulent purposes. In no case do not contact COPYDEAL, this is a scam.

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