COINTENCY FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money

COINTENCY FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money


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The cryptocurrency environment is quite popular and causes quite a stir not only among users who want to improve their financial situation, but also among companies, and with not the most positive intentions, who seek to capture the attention of naive customers, and in the future, their funds, which they will invest in the offer of such scammers without any doubt. A striking example of such projects will be the hero of this review, a project called COINTENCY, which, by all means and methods available to it, is trying to improve the reputation of its under-project and play the role of a high-quality, as well as the most profitable and reliable service that could bring the maximum number of satisfactory results, including financial ones. Naturally, at first glance, the indicated office may seem like a rather promising service, but in reality, COINTENCY scammer and scammer, who thinks only about his own wallet and does not perceive in any way the fact that his clients could also reveal their trading potential and reach significant heights in the economic sphere.        

Company contacts COINTENCY

Of all the possible ways to invite users to contact their representatives, COINTENCY chose only a feedback form, the answer to which will take quite a long time. 

Website overview

Speaking about the fact that the hero of this article assures his users of the maximum quality and professionalism of his service, it is worth emphasizing the extremely cheap design of his web resource, as well as absolutely unattractive content, consisting of a huge amount of primitive and generalized data, with which it is quite difficult to create a detailed picture of everything that happens on the COINTENCY site, as well as study all the intricacies of cooperation with this service.           
Broker conditions COINTENCY

  • the company provides a rather extensive list of cryptocurrencies available to customers, ranging from bitcoin to lightcoin, ethereum and others;
  • systematic user support by experienced and fairly competent experts in the specified field;
  • lack of long stages of registration and verification;
  • fast processing of trade requests and requests for profit withdrawal;
  • an abundance of presented payment services, thanks to which you can carry out various financial transactions with a minimum percentage of commissions;
  • an affordable affiliate program with all the necessary products and tools for it;
  • systematic market forecasts;
  • availability of professional analytics;
  • plentiful bonuses and promotions as part of the loyalty program;
  • a virtual online wallet is provided for users, which will allow them to securely store their assets and perform various kinds of fraud with them;
  • fast and high-quality currency exchange;
  • an accessible news portal with all the latest and most relevant news of the cryptocurrency market.     


Exposure of COINTENCY

Initially, in order to deal with the most basic provisions regarding customer service in principle, you need to pay attention to reviews about COINTENCY project, in which users constantly mention the abundance of various shortcomings of this project, which relate to its interaction with customers, the quality of their support, the lack of effective and really working tools, as well as an absolutely unprepared terminal that freezes at every turn. Also, the legal side of the office’s activities is also quite important, since it, or rather its absolute absence, clearly demonstrates the absolute incompetence and complete misunderstanding by the project of what this service should represent in order to prove its reliability, legality and transparency of all actions directed towards users and their funds. And we are talking not only about the banal Privacy Policy or the User Agreement, but about more ambitious provisions, such as a certificate or a license, confirming the presence of at least minimal control over the actions of this project.    


How to withdraw money from COINTENCY

Based on the rather obvious fraudulent intentions of this project, the abundance of its financial traps, as well as the huge number of negative trading results obtained by its ex-users at the end of cooperation with the office, it can be concluded that the company COINTENCY does not withdraw money and is not going to do it in the near future for sure.                                                      


Summing up everything that we said earlier, as well as taking into account a number of other equally important shortcomings of the office, for example, an abundance of technical problems, absolutely unprepared tools, as well as a number of fraudulent projects in the list of partners of this office, which have already been mentioned more than once , and was not mentioned in the most positive way on the website, we advise you to limit yourself to the simpler, but certainly profitable and reliable projects operating on the market, because trusting COINTENCY is a rather risky business for your wallet.           

Possibility withdraw money with COINTENCY not confirmed.


Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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