Cloudfi SCAM reviews withdraw money

Cloudfi SCAM reviews withdraw money

There are more and more dishonest investment projects, whose employees are just waiting to get rich at the expense of suckers, so that they can come up with such things so that they succumb to these false speeches. With fraudulent ideas, believe the crooks are all right. Do not rush to invest, make sure that you do not have a sharash project in front of you. Today it is no secret that the project we proposed is one of the next liars, its name is Cloudfi. Why we are so sure of this, calling him a liar, this will be discussed in this article, we are ready to provide you with all the relevant evidence for this statement.                                    

Cloudfi Contacts

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

There are no available options for communication, which means that it was originally planned by scammers not to get in touch.  

Website review

The main values are professionalism, transparency, trust, safety, flexibility, innovation. Studying the marketing plan of the office, it turns out that we are dealing with a hype with an average level of profitability, the office has been on the market for no more than a month. Reviews about Cloudfi are available in a fairly “compressed version”, there are not so many of them, which means that it is not famous for its popularity. Rather cheap execution, inconvenient navigation, many buttons are non-working.                                        
 Cloudfi Broker Terms 

Employees are ready to offer investors one single plan for all levels. Daily income will be 1,25% every working day until the investment reaches 250% income. Here are the levels themselves: level 1 - deposit bonus 2% (200,400,600,800,1000 dollars); level 2 - deposit bonus 4% (2000,4000,6000,8000,10000 dollars); level 3 - 6% deposit bonus (20000,40000,60000,80000,100000 dollars); level 4 - 8% deposit bonus (200000,400000,600000,800000,1000000 dollars). A safe, convenient platform for investing in crypto. The staff of the company are experienced professionals who will help in solving your problems.          

Exposing Cloudfi

There is no information about the management, who manages it, there is no up-to-date data on the project. It also means that scammers relieve themselves of responsibility, they have nothing to do with your loss, your carelessness is to blame. You invest at your own risk. Not a word is mentioned about the documents, so the activity is illegal, you should not agree, you will be circled around your finger and you won’t have time to blink an eye. Having collected a pool of negativity, the site disappears, a new one appears, and continues to fool customers for money. Nothing new, the scheme of deception is as old as the world, it is used by many sharashka offices, their reviews in full are contained on the website.      

How to withdraw money from Cloudfi

Many complaints regarding non-withdrawal of money. Fraudsters go to various tricks to try to appropriate as much money as possible from the naive population in a short period of time. They can guarantee payment by requiring clients to make several payments in return (insurance, commissions, taxes). Do not fall for these speeches, they are all lies, they do not apply to truthfulness. Company Cloudfi does not withdraw money.                           


Company cloudfi scam, there are plenty of signs of fraud, if you value your money, then refuse to work with scammers who are not interested in your success, the main thing is to leave you without money and in debt, this is the only thing you can count on when working with this project.               

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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