Cloudfi FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money

Cloudfi FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money

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A platform called Cloudfi provides its users with a fairly wide range of opportunities available for cryptocurrency trading, which contribute to a significant increase in clients' profits, as well as improve their overall preparation for the full process of using the most popular cryptocurrency assets. This legend sounds beautiful and convincing enough to attract a fairly large number of naive clients and seize their funds, which is the final goal of this project. In this article, we will consider absolutely everything necessary for a full understanding of the real quality of the mentioned service, the position and characteristics, and also talk about the obvious shortcomings of this project, which only confirm the absence of really objective reasons in order to entrust your investments to Cloudfi.      

Cloudfi Contacts

Although in the footer of the mentioned project there is supposedly a link to the section on the contact positions of the project, but it obviously does not work and all users can find out is the email address The email address is being protected from spambots. Javascript must be enabled in your browser to view the address.

Website review

The web resource of this office is a primitive and maximally template site, which contains several references regarding the basic characteristics of the project, and also presents a number of services and opportunities that are supposedly available to users as far as possible from the truth. As for the information that is really valuable and useful for clients, which could be useful to them in further cooperation, Cloudfi decided to ignore it as a number of useful visual elements in the design of its website, which raise many doubts regarding the real quality and professionalism of Cloudfi.           
Cloudfi Broker Terms

  • round-the-clock user support by experienced as well as professional trading specialists;
  • a fairly convenient trading terminal that contains an abundance of professional tools;
  • in free access for users there is an economic calendar, as well as a profitability calculator;
  • fairly loyal commissions, as well as the absence of hidden fees;
  • systematic market reviews;
  • several deposit plans, the minimum percentage of daily profit of which is 1,25%;
  • for a full-fledged start of trading activity, an investment of at least 200$ will be required;
  • an abundance of high-quality payment services that allow you to quickly and efficiently perform various kinds of financial transactions;
  • investment packages are designed for a period of 5 days to 10 months;
  • the office provides just a huge number of available crypto assets to choose from, ranging from the most popular to the least requested;
  • availability of bonus deposits;
  • affordable professional analytics;
  • open access to the news blog, which reveals the most relevant news in the economic sphere.  

Exposing Cloudfi

To begin with, it is worth considering all the necessary evidence that it is possible not only to cooperate, but also, in principle, to trust the mentioned service, since it raises many doubts in its address, providing a huge amount of lies and deceit. It's funny that not a single necessary and really important provision was presented by this service, we are talking about a certificate or a license - any document of this kind that would allow us to fully confirm the legality and legitimacy of all Cloudfi actions. In addition, it is also important to emphasize that the Cloudfi office has not developed any additional provisions that would fix the rights, as well as the obligations of both parties, moreover, in the footer of the site there is supposedly a link to these documents, but clicking on it only transfers the user to the main resource page and nothing else happens. In addition to this indicative shortcoming, there are also a number of doubts about the far from the most impeccable reputation of this site, which, according to her, allegedly demonstrates the quality and professionalism of the office, in fact, which is not so difficult to prove by studying reviews about the Cloudfi project, many users are extremely dissatisfied with the absolute illiteracy of the staff, the lack of really high-quality effective tools, as well as the abundance of technical problems that are caused by the poor quality of the presented trading terminal. Absolutely all the mentioned shortcomings and obvious indicators of the non-professionalism of the specified project only once again prove that the project cloudfi scammer and a swindler who cares only about his own income and does not delve into the real quality of all his services and functions presented to customers.      


How to withdraw money from Cloudfi

Based on all the facts and provisions indicated in this article, which clearly accuse the company of inefficiency and its non-profitability, there are absolutely no doubts or questions about the obvious fact that the project Cloudfi does not withdraw money pursuing only their own selfish goals.                                                     


Pointing out a number of rather revealing shortcomings of the hero of today's article, as well as mentioning a number of other not very strong points, for example, the lack of real experience of this service, which is proved by the domain name of the project, as well as its systematic interaction with a number of fraudulent sites similar to it, whose activities are already has been described more than once on the website, recommended to abandon the further prospects regarding cooperation with this project, as well as to find for yourself a more reliable and really noteworthy option that would allow you to fully receive the profit corresponding to the efforts of the trader.    

Possibility withdraw money with "Cloudfi" not confirmed.


Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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