Cenbrigo SCAM reviews withdraw money

Cenbrigo SCAM reviews withdraw money

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

Cenbrigo is an open source blockchain wallet with decentralized and p2p exchanges. All operations in this scenario are completely safe. We want to remind you that these wallets do not appear on the market by chance, it is so easy and quick to rob a gullible naive population. In order to collect more money, swindlers continue to launch their other projects, for the same robbery. In the same way, our hero, the Cenbrigo company, “came up”. It is also worth warning you that you can deposit your funds into this organization, but you will never withdraw them back. To be more convincing that you can lose your savings, there are many similar projects like ours, you can read reviews about them on the 1top.pro website.                                    

Cenbrigo Contacts

In this section, only email is available as a contact option. This email address is being protected from spambots. You must have JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Site review cenbrigo.com

The site template is not attractive in any way, it is made in a primitive design, as in similar projects. Spent not much on the promotion of its authors. It makes no sense to talk about reliability, protection of personal data and payment data. We did not find the necessary and useful information on the site. Employees do not boast much about their work, they only say in a limited format that this system allows you to work using an open source code, the wallet was created and operates on the basis of the blockchain, and customers can freely access p2p exchanges, which are decentralized. All transactions are seamless. With such low-quality and little useful information, it is pointless to count on cooperation.                                         
 Conditions of broker Cenbrigo 

This section does not contain any information regarding accounts, the minimum threshold and under what conditions the trading process takes place. Here you should listen and not enter into any conversations, so as not to invite even more trouble that is not “included” in your plans.          

 Exposing Cenbrigo

Let's start with the fact that we want to draw your attention to the lack of legal documents, that there is only registration with a promotional code, but this does not prevent it from being on the lists of black brokers. There are plenty of similar charlatan wallets (Tanaverus, Mangeloris, Vabilandes). All of them are interested in deceiving honest people for money. The payment system, as well as the work of the wallet, is fictional. It will not be difficult for scammers to change the name of the site and start the next tricks to lure money away. That this is so, we do not doubt for a second, because Cenbrigo reviews negative content, which means that clients do not have to expect anything good from working with the project. It’s better not to try to “get to the bottom of the truth”, then there will be even more problems.       

How to withdraw money from Cenbrigo

Through such fake wallets, you will be offered to return your savings by the same fake lawyers. They guarantee to help, introduce them to a fake wallet, draw a fictitious amount on the account and, under any pretext, ask you to replenish the wallet. These are also those swindlers who “powder the brains of clients”, lure your cash out through cryptocurrency, in which case it is impossible to return. Even the organs of law and order turn out to be powerless here. Fraudsters receive money from such naive clients with a considerable %, in bitcoins. You don’t see any conditions about the return, they promise a lot, but they fulfill even less, many customers were convinced of this, now they are left with nothing. Company Cenbrigo does not withdraw money.                            


We do not recommend working with the company, except for the negative, nothing shines here for you. Employees do not have permission for this activity, and they do not really want to talk about themselves and their superiors, hence the conclusion suggests itself that the company Cenbrigo scam.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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