CaspyTrade SCAM reviews withdraw money

CaspyTrade SCAM reviews withdraw money

The article is devoted to the CaspyTrade company, which is not new, since it managed to light up on the market and, which is a shame, not from a positive angle. What is the actual problem, what is wrong with it, we wanted to introduce you to this in this article.                                   

CaspyTrade Contacts

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

The only option available is the feedback form.  

Site review

The site begins with positive moments that a lot of instruments are offered for trading, there are medals, competitive spreads, news and expert analysis. Further, employees tell the same positive about their advantages: the minimum spread is 0.2 pips, the leverage is 100 times, the commission is 0, there are more than 250 options for instruments. All these positive moments are instantly dispelled due to, as we said earlier, the existing large number of complaints, we were introduced to them by former clients who are laid out daily CaspyTrade reviewswith so many downsides.                                       
 Conditions of broker CaspyTrade 

You can trade on the site with any device. One-click trading, advanced analytics, charting, trading a number of various assets, metals, commodities, stocks. Separate accounts.          

Exposure of CaspyTrade

As we promised, we will introduce you to all the information we have obtained that indicates the direct relationship of the office to scammers. The hero does not have this experience, the site was launched for about three months, but the scammers insist that they have been working for a very long time in the field of investment for several years. The staff consists of specialists, experts in this industry, working for the sake of clients, so that they achieve what they aspire to, financial freedom. They continue to talk about their superiority in beautiful colors, without having specifics available, it becomes suspicious, doesn't it? There are no contacts, no registration number, no certificate of incorporation, all the more so, is this not a reason to suspect the project of fraud. It remains only to state the facts that he is illegal and you should stay away from him. There are plenty of signs of fraudulent, it is not surprising that it is on the list of black brokers, many sharashka offices work according to this scenario, the reviews of which are described in detail on the website.      

How to withdraw money from CaspyTrade

The option of withdrawing funds by fraudsters is not considered, so that investors are not frightened off by the promise to fulfill the payments they invented (commissions, taxes, insurance) in return. They communicate with you for so long and stubbornly in order to try to swindle you out of money and, if possible, not small. Do not see their fables, so that they do not promise you there, there are no guarantees, quite a few naive people could check this, now they are trying to resolve this situation, but all attempts are not being made in their favor. Official registration is not available, which was to be expected. Company CaspyTrade does not withdraw money.                           


Do not expect successful investment and fruitful cooperation, the project has not won the respect to continue working with it, the benefits are zero, because according to all indications, the company CaspyTrade scam.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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