Capitals Rich SCAM reviews withdraw money

Capitals Rich SCAM reviews withdraw money

How successful clients can be in investing depends on many factors, namely the project, it must be with authentic documents and a solid reputation. Also important is your education, the stock of necessary knowledge about this industry. Plus, you need to be able to concentrate and analyze the information received, then the result will be worth it. Today the hero of the article will be the Capitals Rich project. Those organizations that promise you a lot of positive things, say that you can earn money with them almost immediately and without unnecessary difficulties, most often they are crooks, their reviews are contained with a detailed description of their work on the website. Our hero will not surprise us with anything new, he works on the same principle as his fellow crooks.                                    

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24/7 customer support, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., office address Agios Christoforos street, 9 3101 Limassol, international phone number +357 231 68 048

Overview of

The main criteria that investors can count on when cooperating are tight raw spreads, maximum leverage of 500:1, 24x7 support, micro-otm trading of 0.01. Further, employees are ready to introduce achievements in the form of numbers: there are at least 63234 assets available, the audience has about 12016 users, there are already more than 363234 successful operations. The more attractive the site is created, the higher the chance of attracting new customers to their ranks . In addition to these speeches, employees insist that they are among the leaders in providing access to CFD trading in the European and Asian regions. The site was made in a template design, boring and monotonous, there are many flaws and errors. We can assume that scammers decided to launch this resource quickly, without bothering to check all the data for investors for accuracy.                                       
 Capitals Rich Broker Conditions 

Trouble-free trading in oil, gold, and other equally popular assets, there are about 3800 of them. Clients can take advantage of the emerging crypto market, build a portfolio of sought-after digital assets, and buy and sell coins. Clients have trouble-free access to such markets: crypto-currency, commodity, stock, currency. After registration, the user becomes a CFD trader. There are several account options: basic $150 with 1:100 leverage, general $150 with 1:100 leverage, and upgraded $150 with 1:100 leverage. Such similarity in all accounts is a flaw of scammers.          

Exposing Capitals Rich

The site is attractively written, but all indicators, promises and achievements are very far from reality. There are many clones, and each of them has different indicators, and this is a reason not to trust the office again, like former clients. The office has no experience, the site was registered in February 2023, young enough to achieve such success. It also means that the office cannot be either a leader or an international organization. Contact information is offshore, do not expect that on the other end of the wire you will be contacted. The broker did not acquire documents for this type of activity, is this not a reason to bypass it, so that later you do not have unnecessary problems on your head. That the company Capitals Rich scam, we have no doubts, we can add a few more negative signs of this reviews about Capitals Rich of an appropriate nature and the fact that she was on the list of black brokers. You will not receive any quality service, the employees are still those scammers hunting for client funds.     

How to withdraw money from Capitals Rich

Do not look for benefits, and even more so with a dubious project that is ready to work illegally, to relieve yourself of guilt in the event of the loss of your savings. We can’t tell you anything comforting about his work, only that the company is really Capitals Rich does not withdraw money.                          


This project was created to fish out funds from naive clients. It is not difficult for him after the ban to go out again and start the normal rhythm of life, robbing clients for money.               

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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