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Today we will talk about the Watrnd brokerage company, which offers the best investment accounts for Europe, the CIS and Asia, the opportunity to trade and earn on the stock exchange with minimal commissions, training, expert support from analysts and personal managers. In general, as usual - full stuffing. So do not hide your money in banks and corners, but carry it to Watrnd. It remains only to check them for lice.

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Watrnd. General information

Broker's main website:


Whois score:

Watrnd reviews scam
Domain Age

Site analysis

Heavy as an armadillo, the Watrnd site has a typical look and quite standard, "promising" content. The creativity of the developers, as well as the contribution to its promotion in the network, were fairly appreciated.

Watrnd reviews scam
Site rating

The resource is divided into several pages, translated into 6 languages, including Russian. The main page contains the following blocks:

  • menu (about the company, platforms, partnership opportunities, bonuses, news, answers to frequently asked questions, buttons to go to the registration/login section);
  • a ticker with prices of the main assets;
  • an offer to trade and earn with the "open an account" button;
  • financial table;
  • benefits of cooperation with Watrnd;
  • a call to trade on international stock and commodity markets with the "open an account" button;
  • overview of solutions (directions for trading, demo account, affiliate program, training center);
  • analytics and economic news.

In the footer, the company publishes documents, including the user agreement, privacy policy, AML, KYC, etc. It also warns about the risks of trading in financial markets and publishes information about the availability of a license from the regulator called EUFMC. We will talk about what kind of regulator and other important points below.

Expertise of legal information, Watrnd licenses

Watrnd has been extremely laconic in its descriptions of itself.

Watrnd reviews scam
About company

There are no particularly beautiful stories about the formation of a “team of professionals” on their website. But there is a proudly granted license received from the authoritative EUFMC regulator - the European Financial Commission.

Watrnd reviews scam

The only problem is that there is just a huge amount of information on the Internet that this regulator is fake, which means that it legalizes the activities of scammers, or rather, it is a big company that issues licenses to itself. Those. the same crooks have a project broker and a project regulator. Moreover, these guys have several brokerage sites, and others regularly come to replace one.

Watrnd reviews scam
About the regulator

Along with "regulation", EUFMC has become notorious for its intrigues to steal the personal data of users who are offered to purchase insurance certificates. According to the contacts left during registration, subsequently all kinds of “profitable offers” from scam brokers are sent.

The following factors indicate that EUFMC is a scam:

  • appearance in 2019;
  • domain registration address - Tatarstan;
  • low-quality resource with machine translation and low adaptability;
  • lack of official requirements for regulated organizations;
  • published documents about operating conditions, privacy policy are not available;
  • lack of documentation with inspection reports.

By the way, on binarybets.ru we have already written revealing reviews about scam brokers who stick licenses from the EUFMC regulator under the nose of their clients. So, know that if you are shown a license from this commission, you can safely close the project tab and go about your business. In 100% cases, you will find yourself in front of a scam.

Returning to our reviewers, we note that, despite the adaptation of the Watrnd resource for the Russian-speaking audience, we were unable to find them in the database of the Russian financial regulator. More precisely, it was possible, but only on the black list.

Watrnd reviews scam
Blacklist of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

Thus, users from the Russian Federation and the CIS countries are not only not recommended to trade with Watrnd, but are completely contraindicated.

Also important is the fact that Watrnd does not leave any adequate contact details. In the contact section, we see only an online form for voicing questions and email.

Watrnd reviews scam

This means that you are unlikely to be able to find them yourself in case of real problems.

Aroused indignation and the user agreement, which explicitly states that Watrnd can cancel any transactions, change the terms of cooperation, quotes, spreads, at their discretion and without warning users. And if you decide to end your cooperation with these crooks, then you will also remain in debt. They will come up with some kind of lost profits for you and start harassing you with courts and collectors.

Watrnd reviews scam Watrnd reviews scam Watrnd reviews scam

Watrnd reviews scam

And the last thing is the age of the broker. Although the Watrnd comrades position themselves as a reliable, regulated service provider, the domain age verification service showed us that the project was launched in October 2021 (see the very first screen of the article). And this means that you, as self-respecting traders, have nothing to do on this site. Indeed, in each of our reviews, we tell that contacting brokers that have existed for less than 1 year is a direct way to drain the deposit.

Features of Watrnd's work. Tools and conditions for traders

Watrnd positions itself as a worldwide exchange that was founded to provide services to traders from different countries. The main direction of the company's activity is customer orientation, supporting them through a system of partner offices (I wonder where the addresses of these offices are?).

By cooperating with Watrnd, you get the following benefits:

  • innovative approach;
  • focus on results;
  • unique services and products;
  • a wide range of investment instruments;
  • professional education;
  • competitions with a large prize fund;
  • affiliate program;
  • bonuses.

By cooperating with Watrnd as a referrer, you can earn additional income in three ways.

Watrnd reviews scam
affiliate program

The office also publishes vacancies for the position of analysts and managers (we think after that it is not difficult to guess what quality of services our friends provide if they have such a turnover). By the way, in the same section there are dates of publication of vacancies and cities. All this is no coincidence. In this way, the scammer is trying to show the time and breadth of his presence in the market. Which once again proves the falsity of other information provided.

Watrnd reviews scam

Starting trading in Watrnd, traders can also count on various bonuses. For example, the company offers welcome bonuses in the amount of 50% from the deposit.

Watrnd reviews scam

But, of course, all this is also an absolute fake. After all, if this were true, the exchange would have gone bankrupt long ago on freeloaders who want to cut down fast money, without having time to start.

Real customer reviews Watrnd

On the Watrnd website, we found a lot of laudatory odes that were written from one script and naturally cover their activities in a positive way.

Watrnd reviews scam

We found on the net the absolute opposite of these fake reviews, revealing the true face of the monitored office.

Watrnd reviews scam
Watrnd real reviews

If you have become victims of Watrnd scams, leave comments below this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

Watrnd User Scam Scheme

Based on the information we received during the analysis of legal data and feedback from real Watrnd users, we can conclude that their client fraud scheme is no different from other brokerage dumps on the network.

Hiding behind a fake license from a fraudulent regulator and telling tales about wide coverage, free training and bonuses, these guys spin naive newbies for dollar deposits, and then shamelessly pocket them. And what? Indeed, in its contract, the company indicates that it has the right to repair any lawlessness. And those who are too lazy to read long sheets, written in small print and incomprehensible words, voluntarily sign to transfer their hard-earned money into the clutches of crooks.


The Watrnd project contains the following signs of a scam:

  • cheap, uninformative site;
  • the presence of a license from a fake regulator;
  • lack of adequate contact details;
  • blocking from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and Roskomnadzor;
  • negative reviews;
  • fraudulent contract;
  • use of false information about the age, presence of the company in the global market, bonuses and opportunities for cooperation.

The conclusion here, as usual, suggests itself: Watrnd is a typical cuisine, with signs of a financial pyramid. Those who do not want to lose their money can safely pass by.

If you have become a victim of Watrnd or other black brokers and want to get your hard-earned money back - leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to take.

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